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FUSION: A Caribbean-Nigerian 5 Course Fine Dining

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sun, 2019-07-14 15:34
Sunday, August 25, 2019 - 20:00
Europe: London

84 Dalry Rd
Riverlife Restaurant Edinburgh
EH11 2AX

West Africa Cooks are listing this event called FUSION: A Caribbean-Nigerian 5 Course Fine Dining on 2019-08-25 19:00:00

The year is 2019, and now more than ever is it important to venture out and try new things such as sky diving, see the world or try a cuisine you have never tried before. Two chefs in Edinburgh are doing just that at their supperclub which will be serving African Caribbean dishes but not the way you know them.

The supperclub entitled “Fusion” is a brand new fine dining experience in Scottish capital to be hosted at Edinburgh’s renown French Caribbean restaurant - Riverlife on Dalry road. The supperclub offers a 5 course, fine dining experience offering the very best of what Nigerian and Caribbean cuisine has to offer with a unique and modern twist, expressing both African, Caribbean and western cultures on one plate.

Chef Mario from Guadalupe has being a chef for more than a decade before opening his own restaurant 7 years ago. Chef Abi (Farin Road) on the other hand is from Nigeria. After earning his master degree in Creative Advertising he decided to swap the sketchpad for a knife and work his way through some Edinburgh’s iconic hotels.

With their combined experience over the years working in the heart of the city, Chef Abi and Mario are delighted to bring to the table something truly unique on the 25th of August, with food from their native countries such as Suya, Jerk, jollof rice etc., food which has impacted their lives from a young age and are now looking to share this cultural food experience with others through a collaborative cuisine experience combining various cultural inspirations they have acquired along the way especially their love for French cooking techniques. This is a true fusion not to be missed

The menu on the night has being carefully curated by both chefs and hope to leave you wondering about what other culinary flavours you are yet to discover.


 Sorrel (Zobo) cured salmon,

Cucumber, radishes

Braised oxtail raviolo

Black eye peas veloute (gbegiri), callaloo (efo tete)


Jerked Chicken mousse

Suya fried wing, jollof rice, carrot, pea, asparagus


Scorched escovitched Mackerel

Peppers, pickled shallot, scotch bonet (ata rodo) gel


Coconut rum tapioca

Pineapple compote, basil (efirin) ice cream


*Nigerian terminologies in italics


Fusion supperclub starts on the 25th of August at Riverlife restaurant, 84 Dalry Rd, Edinburgh EH11 2AX. Tickets are available via Feel free to join the conversation and excitement on Instagram and Facebook @farin.road.

Five Course Single Ticket : £60

Five Course Couple Ticket: £100

Wine Pairing: £20 per head.

For more information please contact the team on 


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