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Popular African Snacks For Christmas

Submitted by Nadia on Sun, 2011-12-04 12:39
butterscotch treat

No doubt you've started to think about doing your Christmas shopping. I'm halfway through mine, I decided to start in September this year and I'm glad I did. The older you get, the more children there are to buy presents for and it's a bloody nightmare. Some of them I honestly cant even remember how old they are. Gone are the days when I could just buy a couple of presents for family and friends. Christmas should be called Cripplemas, it will cripple you by the time its done. So the best advice I can give anyone is - start shopping early. Now I am pretty much stress free with a little money to spare and just a few presents left for the adults.

Christmas about three weeks away and apart from the Turkey most African households will be cooking Jollof Rice and pepper soup to accompany the festive delicacies. It is traditional for African households to cook Jollof rice on Christmas day, Boxing day and New Years eve. Pepper soup is strictly New Years eve - its what we eat after the clock strikes twelve. Pepper soup also comes in handy at parties to sober up the drunks as well as combat cough, colds and the flu.

African Snacks

But like me if you cant be arsed to cook as if your life depended on it. You could try some easy African snacks to keep the family quiet while you finish off in the kitchen. These recipes are simple and easy and you can involve the children at no extra cost.

First we'll start with Butterscotch - universal I know but a popular African dish by far.
What you will need: Condensed milk and butter

Melt 2 spoons of butter in a pot
Pour the condensed milk (all of it) into the pot and stir and stir even when it bubbles up
The ingredients will start to caramelise at this point you leave it to stand and cool (a little)
On a flat surface, scoop out a teaspoon full and ball it together with your hand