Eat African This November 2016

By West Africa Cooks, 10 February, 2016

Ask a British person for their favourite place to have a meal out, and they are just as likely to name a Chinese or an Indian restaurant as a fish and chip shop. But nowadays food from other parts of the world is becoming very fashionable in the United Kingdom - including cuisine from Africa. West Africa Cooks have discovered that there are plenty of tasty and authentic African foods in London as supper club restaurateurs are helping to develop a positive image of Africa in the minds of the city's diners. Adventurous eater and foodies if you are now wondering whether you will like African foods you have never tried such as Sierra Leonean or Ghanaian cuisine read on.

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African Cuisine Is On The November Menu

November 2016 is Eat African Month and is a tale of two cities, London and Paris. Here we highlight six supper clubs for you to attend this month with more in December. Here you can mingle with friends, support African inspired businesses and taste authentic African foods you may have never eaten before.

  • Jasons Little Kitchen is first up. Saturday 5th November; Clerkenwell, London. Hosted by Jason Obeng, food type: Ghanaian food. Visit jasonslittlekitchen and Book Now
  • ICACS Black History Fortnight: CHOP CHOP 5th November at Imperial College ACS all you can eat African and Caribbean BUFFET. No celebration of Africa and it’s culture is complete without it's food. Book Now
  • The Nigerian Fusion Tour comes to London on Sunday 6th November. An amazing first of it’s kind event, the tour is presented by Heels in the Kitchen with 6 courses for £40. Book Now
  • Dîner afro-fusion les 11 et 12 novembre!! Belles surprises et gastronomie seront au rendez-vous! Pour reserver: The Afro-Fusion Dinner by P.O. PARIS Hosted by Douceurs D'ivoire et Tickets. Brunch afro le 13 novembre Paris pour réserver sue Brunchy'Fro Facebook et Tickets
  • Ghanaian African Street Food. November dates at The Dukes Head Highgate North London. Hosted by Alicia Ama, food type is Ghanaian. Visit chale lets eat
  • The Afrofusion Supper Club by Chinny's Kitchen is on Saturday 26th, Bankside, London Bridge, London Book Now

If you value African heritage, authenticity and personal interaction. Now this is the time to try a new supperclub. Delicious African food has arrived in London and Paris Leslie

And there is more from Grub Club. Late autumn and in particular this month of November has many dates and types of food on offer across London.

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Grub Club dinner parties are hosted by passionate chefs all over London! Twitter @grub_club Pop-up Restaurants and Supper Clubs in London. Get £5 off when you place your first order with West Africa Cooks. For a discount on your first order use this link Discount West Africa Cooks

  • GrubClub African cuisine events. 1) Chef's Table: A Taste Tour of Ghana by Zoe's Ghana Kitchen November dates 14th, 15th, 22nd and 29th, then 6th and 13th December 2) Sierra Leonean And Liberian Supper Club Cham Cham hosted by Nims (Nimatu Owino), Friday 25th November at 7.00pm Mile End, E3, East London. Food type: Sierra Leone and Liberian 3) Desert Warrior Supper Club by Grub Club's top rated chef, Rosie with the supperclub called A Little Lusciousness and Moroccan inspired food

  • GrubClub Caribbean cuisine events. Caribbean food with Spice o'clock by Pop's Kitchen 18th Friday November

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Why You Should Go To An African Supper Club?

Here is why you should attend, support with your money and then give feedback to Africa foodie? Please read on and think about the following.

So our people not only have to be re-educated to the importance of supporting black business, but the black man himself has to be made aware of the importance of going into business... Anytime you have to rely upon your enemy for a job you’re in bad shape.
Malcolm X

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Support And Review African Supperclub Events

Now more African foodie entrepreneurs are entering the market, included from Africa and the Caribbean we now have Ghanaian, Liberian, Nigerian, Sierra Leone, South African, Ethiopian and Jamaican foods.

Your meal and supper club has just ended, so now is the perfect time to write your review. Reviews are an important part of the foodie community. Please provide your host chef with some helpful feedback—it’ll only take a few minutes. Give comment and please share. Get your feedback online at Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Google, Pinterest, Trip Advisor, Meetup and Amazon. See our events page for meetup supperclubs you may like to attend. Create an African food meetup group in your city or join The London Taste Of Africa group in the UK. Finally send us your events.

We will see changes for the African community when we act by doing the following:

  1. Constantly, ‪aggressively market‬ and support African‬ food popup ‪businesses
  2. Promote African cooking to the youth
  3. Give feedback on how chefs and entrepreneurs can improve

Let us promote and buy Africa in the diaspora use #EatAfrican #Nov16 this month.

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