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Fu Fu

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4 Servings
SourceThe Gyetiase Cook Book
Prep time
Cooking time
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This is the "Marmite" of Ghanaian Cooking: you either love it or hate it, but nothing in between! The true version is made from lightly boiled cassava, a starchy tuberous root that provides many of the calories in the Gyetiase diet. The cassava is beaten to a dough with a huge wooden stick in a wooden bowl. Watch out for your fingers! This is a mock fu fu, using potato rather than cassava.


900 grams
boiling water
90 grams
potato flour
200 milliliters
cold water
1 package
potato flakes (packet)


How to make Fu Fu?

Warm a medium saucepan with 200m1 of the boiling water. In a jug blend the potato flour with 200m1 of luke warm water (mixing the boiling water with the cold water) to form a creamy mixture. Empty the water from the saucepan and pour in the potato flakes. Pour in the remaining boiling water but do not stir - yet. Using a wooden spoon, stir the potato flour mixture in the jug and quickly add this to the saucepan. Speed is of the essence! Stir the 2 mixed together using your hands, one holding the pan firmly and the other pulling the dough in from the centre against the side of the pan. When you have formed a smooth and moist dough, moisten a small bowl with some cold water and scoop the dough into the bowl as 4 small balls. Serve with sauce.


Fu fu is traditionally served with groundnut soup.

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