Fufu On Facebook

By Nadia, 6 July, 2011

Well, I do not intend to write about the laborious ways of cooking fufu or getting it right, we will leave that to one of the many West African Chefs that will grace our website in the next few months. I have never attempted to cook fufu but I have watched my mother get her back into it...and I did pass the water and the Guinness at the same time upon her request.

Fufu deserves a lot more than someone as lowly as me to write about. I wanted to give it the respect it deserved so I put some questions on Facebook and waited for the replies

Cooking Fufu

Facebook question: Explain or describe cooking fufu in one or two words
Hard work!
Bung in
I think it must be like our 'cou-cou'. You need some bloody muscles in your arms to stir that stuff and if you haven't got any then you will develop some. Trust me.
What the f@@
Stir heavy

Facebook question: Describe eating fufu in one or two words
Not nice
edible poto poto gunk. By the way where's my cut?
Starchy bolus
A few months ago you were talking about cheap food, now you are dreaming fufu dishes, hmm!!!
Ground rice, water, stir. Good with egusi and chicken ;-)

So there you go. This is my tribute to fufu. I can do no more than you have contributed.
Fufu, we are not worthy but we eat you out of respect and cook you with vigour and serve you with pride
Peace out


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