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FufuMagic The Food Processor And African Cooking

Submitted by West Africa Cooks on Sat, 2016-10-01 23:06
FufuMagic Processor

Keeping Healthy African Cooking

Traditions Alive with FufuMagic!

FufuMagic is a revolutionary new food processor that makes preparing healthy, traditional African staple foods easy and convenient

Do you love eating African dishes but are daunted by the process of making fufu, garri, pounded yam, ugali, amala, etc yourself?

FufuMagic is a new, innovative, all-in-one kitchen appliance designed to take the work out of these delectable “swallow” foods. It heats, mixes, mashes, and cooks, producing smooth, lump-free, perfect dishes in much less time and with less fuss than ever before. Dr. Gregson Oghafua, an Interventional Cardiologist who worked his way to his undergraduate degree as a machinist, developed FufuMagic so those in the African Diaspora, in America and around the world could make and enjoy their favorite traditional dishes daily.

FufuMagic is a revolution in African and International cooking. I am honored to have created a machine to modernize and simplify traditional cooking methods, says Dr. Oghafua.

FufuMagic can be used to:

  • make fufu and other traditional high-carbohydrate dishes
  • cook rice
  • warm food
  • make soups, stews, gumbo, and more!

FufuMagic serves as a food processor, rice cooker, crock pot and food warmer and is the only appliance in history that can heat, mix, mash, cook recipes to perfection, hold at proper temperatures and more. To use FufuMagic, simply add water to the bowl and flour to the dispenser. With the touch of a button fresh fufu is hot and ready to be enjoyed in just minutes.

The inventors of FufuMagic partnered with the University of Texas at Arlington’s Manufacturing Assistance Center to improve upon their original design. Now the original FufuMagic is even more efficient, durable, than ever. Advanced development is in progress to develop this appliance further for global use applications.

With FufuMagic, users can create fresh, authentically flavored fufu in minutes, saving them time and energy. Each sleek machine is the perfect size for keeping out on countertops and comes with a limited, 1-Year Warranty.

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About The Magic

Since it was invented in 2005, FufuMagic has been met with overwhelming popularity in African communities worldwide. U.S.-educated Nigerian Dr. Oghafua has had the opportunity to meet African diplomats and even presidents, and has received accolades from the African media thanks to his innovative machine.


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