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8 Servings
SourceFavourite Sierra Leone Recipes by Pamela Greene
Prep time
1 hour
Cooking time
Total time
1 hour


What is Gari? Gari is made from cassava. Gari (or Garri) made from grated cassava is not very nutritious on its own. It should be eaten with other foods and dishes rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. Gari is eaten across west Africa in countries like Sierra Leone.


cassava (medium tubers of)
palm oil (for greasing)


How to make Gari?
1. Peel and wash cassava well. Grate finely.
2. Put into a clean sack, place a heavy weight over it in a bowl on top of a table and leave for three days to allow water to drain out.
3. On the third day remove the grated cassava from the sack and pass through a sieve.
4. Grease pan with palm oil. Parch gari till crisp.
5. Allow to cool and store in airtight jars or tins.


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