Why I Hate I'm A Celebrity OK What I Dislike About..

By West Africa Cooks, 18 November, 2015

If I said to you bush tucker what is the first thing that comes into your mind bush tucker trials? Extreme eating! Eating crocodile penis, scorpion, cricket, ants and mealworm in I'm A Celebrity. It is true eat snails from the French menu and you are celebrated; eat African snails and wow that is gross. Media images of food are everywhere of what we should eat and it is not bush. Fran Osseo-Asare believes that there is a negative image of African food. See the video by Fran Osseo-Asare author of Ghana Cookbook.

Bush Tucker Trials

Get a group of celebrity guests together and they all agree on what they dislike about a type of food. Control a people by denigrating their food and you control the population that have eaten that food for years. Well in this case you put into the minds of people the idea of what is good, bad and ugly food or what is acceptable. Controlling food is an effective means to manipulate people. In wartime, aggressors attempt to cut off their enemies supply lines. Are we in wartime. The strategy of business marketing has often been described in war strategy terms. (Read Michael Porter’s articles business marketing strategy). I believe this is what is going on. Each celebrity is someone we can relate to and we value their opinion.

That is the talk at the water fountain every day the program is on TV multiple that over time years and you create a fear of edible food. Can you imagine the reverse. Food from the high street brands placed in front of indigenous people Aboriginals or African who have a traditional Aboriginals or African diet developed over millennia forcing them to eat Mcshi&ty burgers or KFCr*p for points.

Take a look at what adverts are shown during these programs? Reeducation of a population is going on all the time. At one time we were smoking all the time then through education it was discovered that this habit was a major contribution to lung cancer. We have to be careful, we have to find out for ourselves what is good for us. There is constant re-branding, heavy marketing of food, we have to understand the meaning of certain strategies, we have to take care what we spend our money on. Since this is the only power we have. OK hate is a big word. (We should only hate child molesters.) What I dislike about I'm A Celebrity is it's subtle message.

It is like Christmas the marketing has worked nobody on a day to day basis talks about the religion just about spending money on presents and parties. It is what you do and what is normal. You are seen as odd it you do not participate. You are encouraged to spread lies to your family even about father Christmas. It then starts of with childhood dreams of a white beautiful Christmas. Three months of shopping comes this is constantly pushed months before the date 25th December, this is what you should buy.

Aboriginal culture is it mentioned in I'm A Celebrity? A once black continent is the story told in I'm A Celebrity? Australia has been completely re-branded.

Lessons In Marketing An Education In Food

Back to topic of food? There is a snake market it's just outside of Lagos in Badagry. Why would you wish to buy snake. It is used in African food - pepper soup. Checkout the video Snake Market. Can you eat snake? Should you eat snake?

Think about the lessons from history. See below "who taught you? Malcolm X" It is so subtle it is like most forms of racism working behind the closed door in the boardroom. Cumulative, calumniate, run downs over the years maybe? I let you decide. Even I have been influenced by this, I put my hand up. Marketing is powerful in the hands of the powerful businesses.

Now ask yourself what did you do to ‪‎promote‬ ‪Africa‬ this past week? Your ‪heritage‬, culture‬, food‬, ‪business‬, ‪future‬ and ‪#employment‬. But it is not enough just to promote we have to buy, own and pass on #Africa to the next generation. Eat African don't just attend the meetings on black history act in the present take the educational lessons and use them. Check out an African recipe cook it or buy a cook book and cook the food for yourself.

Message From Malcolm X

Who taught you to hate the texture of your hair? Who taught you to hate the color of your skin to such extent that you bleach to get like the white man? Who taught you to hate the shape of your nose and the shape of your lips? Who taught you to hate yourself from the top of your head to the soles of your feet? Who taught you to hate your own kind? Who taught you to hate the race that you belong to, so much so that you don’t want to be around each other? No, before you come asking Mr. Muhammad does he teach hate, you should ask yourself who taught you to hate being what God gave you. We teach you to love the hair that God gave you. Malcolm X

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