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Your Kitchen Renovation, Cooking African Cuisine At Home

Submitted by West Africa Cooks on Sat, 2014-01-25 09:31
African Kitchen Renovation

It is more than a place to store, prepare and cook food. Your kitchen is the place for parties and socialising for breakfast, lunch and dinners. It's one of the two hardest-working interiors in the home. The other being the bathroom. So this spring's question "Is it time for new cupboards, appliances and food preparation gadgets so you can make the most of your home kitchen?"

A high-quality kitchen, well installed, should give between 10 and 15 years of service. As a kitchen commands top spot in terms of both return on investment and the effect on your family life. "It is an invaluable multi-functional space, suited to everything from homework to entertaining" says Tomasz Kobalzyk Director of homes you Design London. And as the market rises, a good kitchen can sell a home.

Budget will be most people's main concern, if your looking for the bespoke look, search online for quality cupboards and unusual counter-tops to finish.

Ideas, Inspiration And Expert Advice

For a kitchen, between 5% and 10% of the house value has been suggested a realistic budget. Never scrimp on installation, Tomasz warns. "A competent installation team can make a kitchen, no matter what the cost of the products, just as an incompetent one can ruin it" homes you Design have a flare for designing wonderful kitchens for you to cook and entertain your guess.

If you are into new tech, look at digital controls and hands-free operated kitchen sinks. The technology on smart phone is now available as temperature and water flow controlled display screens. If you are going to install these make sure your contractor had a track record of recommendations in this area. Moving plumbing and electrics adds to the bill, but a layout tailored to your habits is worth the extra cost.

So the renovation of a kitchen for making domestic duties more pleasant, bolstering your property value and encouraging you to African home cook could be the best spend this year. All of these are good things.

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