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Perfect Host: African Party Part 2

Submitted by West Africa Cooks on Thu, 2014-08-28 13:14
Ghana Party London

Have you ever went over a friends house to eat and the food just aint no good I mean the macaroni's soggy the peas are mushed and the...chicken tastes like wood.
Rapper and guests delight!

Well if you wish to be know all over the world as the Perfect Host read on.

The Perfect Host

Once you've worked out what food you'll need for your guests, you can relax and enjoy yourself. After all, there's no reason why hosting a party shouldn't be as much fun as going to one!

Planning Your African Party Part 1

Submitted by West Africa Cooks on Fri, 2014-05-30 11:21
Chop at African Party

Take the hassle out of throwing a party by ordering all your food, partyware, drinks, and hire glasses. Make your 'do' go with a bang. We all love a good party — its great to get together and enjoy good food. In fact, the only downside is the thought of catering. But there's no need to spend hours in the kitchen. Order it!

Nigerians And The Issue Of Meat

Submitted by Nadia on Wed, 2011-08-10 19:57
african meat, nigerian food, naija people

This is a topic of discussion for everyone except Nigerians. A discussion about the experience of sitting at a Nigerian dining table or visiting a Nigerian restaurant. I have discussed this issue with Jamaicans, the English, Asians, Maori's, Trinidadians, Gambians, South Africans, Dutch, Germans etc...etc...etc. I love Nigerian food and whatever people may say about 419..when it comes to the food. Nigerian food has attitude... serious attitude.



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