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Thursday, August 10, 2017 - 20:00
Sam Mbakwe Hall
Government House

Target Groups:

The project intends to identify and work with youths and women basically in the category of:

- Unemployed tertiary graduates youths

- Women farmer group (both in rural and urban areas)

- Civil Servants not older than 45 years of age.

- Low skilled commercial oriented youths


Methodology & Strategy:            - how it works    

GoGreen GoBoom is designed to run as a provider of structure, synergy and strategy that will support agribusiness startups to launch out, and boost solution delivery among emerging agripreneurs in different areas of agribusiness. Essentially, it works by building a network base of aspiring agripreneurs; who are faced with common START UP CHALLENGES in agribusiness, and emerging agripreneurs; who are reaching forth for STABILTY, GROWTH AND EXPANSION in their various agribusiness endeavours. Thus further, the selected participants will be engaged into mainstream and upstream agribusinesses with the use of CLUSTER MODEL; which experts have considered as a sustainable innovative approach to supporting aspiring and emerging career farmers to gain the necessary competitive position to start, grow and expand their agribusinesses.



Participation Eligibility:

Participation in GoGreen, GoBoom Project is opened to ALL INTERESTED PERSONS WITHIN THE SCOPE OF THE TARGET GROUPS who are:

i. Between the age bracket of 18 and 45 years

ii. Resident in Imo State and or any other states in the catchment regions of the federation-NIGERIA-



Project Benefits to Participants:

         There are a lot of accruable advantages and benefits from participation in GoGreen  GoBoom Project which is modelled around cluster system. Among these benefits are:

  1. i.        Start up and Growth Support - … you are better positioned to attract support to start, grow and expand the agribusiness you choose to career on.


  1. ii.      Reduction in Production Cost - … inputs are sourced at discounted rates or relatively cheaper prices because of group buying.


  1. iii.    Easy Access to Modern Technologies- … the collaboration strategy provides you with easy access to modern agric. technologies at affordable rate.


  1. iv.   Access To Big Marketsjoint selling of produce, gives you access to big markets, and leverage to negotiate better, trade big and earn more.



  1. v.      Higher Profitability trading big, reducing post-harvest sharing losses and risks, employing better techniques and adopting improved farming practices in production, ultimately translate to increased profitability and sustainability.


Synergy and Networks - …the rich network of agripreneurs provides a unique platform to learn, train, share and build relevant capacities

Government House , Owerri, Imo

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