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A West African Summer Feast

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 2018-05-25 15:31
Saturday, June 2, 2018 - 19:00
Green Rooms Hotel
13-27 Station Road
N22 6UW

We all know London in the sun is pretty special and what better inspiration for us to continue with our mission of bringing you a taste of Nigeria and Lagos sunshine than to host you at an EPIC West African Summer Feast ;-)

Over the past two years, my personal mission has been to share and spread the great culinary delight that is Nigerian cuisine. I recreate authentic Nigerian dishes with a modern twist to offer you the delights of delicious home cooked food served in a contemporary setting. Prepare for a cultural immersion that takes you on an Odyssey across West Africa through a blend of flavour and spices as well the vibrancy of a Lagos party.

As usual, my menu consists of a mix of authentic Nigerian dishes along with modern recreation of childhood favourites. My cooking is inspired by my dual British and Nigerian heritage as well as opportunities I have had of working with other African chefs both here in London and New York. I have sought to make use of seasonal ingredients as well as some of my favourite exotic flavours from West Africa to bring you a culinary delight that will stay with you weeks after.

Join us in the beautiful setting of Green Rooms, London's first arts hotel, for a supper club series that is vibrant and full of cultural immersion. Get ready to feast to your heart’s content because no one leaves a Nigerian kitchen without a full stomach and heart.

Come with friends if you can but don't worry if you are coming alone as there is a table full of new people to meet!


Puff-Puff Chicken Skewers

Plantain & Peppered Prawns (gf)

Suya Kebab Skewers (v) (gf)


Akara (ve) (gf) - Bean fritters served with a seasonal salad 

Asun (gf) (sp) - Smoked Goat Meat marinated with scotch bonnet peppers and onions


Efo Riro - Grilled Hake Fish, Braised Kale and Spinach cooked in a mixed peppers and onion sauce

(Vegan option available)

Served with

Basmati Rice (ve) (gf)

Moin Moin - Steamed Black-Eyed Bean pudding (ve) (gf)

Sweet Fried Plantain (ve) (gf)


Red Palm Brownies (vg)

Sticky Pineapple with Ginger Granita (ve) (gf)

 Open bar available with a selection of soft and alcoholic drinks for sale

(v) - Vegetarian, (ve) - Vegan, (gf) - Gluten Free, sp (HOT)

*Contains traces of nuts

Please speak to us if you require allergen information

*Group bookings available

*Due to the nature of this event, refunds are not allowed but we are happy to transfer your booking if given advance notice. Please see Terms & Conditions for refund policy and more.

13-27 Station Road, London, N22 6UW

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