Source: Favourite Sierra Leone Recipes by Pamela Greene
Prep time: 30 minutes


Made with groundnuts and gari. Have you tired cooking with a traditional Coal Pot? This meal snack is brought to you by Pamela Greene and her book is called Favourite Sierra Leone Recipes. Kanyah is a simple snack people cook and serve all over west African countries like Sierra Leone. Kanyah is a favorite west African snack to eat in between meals.


2 cups
gari (parched (farina) or rice flour)
1 cup
groundnuts (roasted and peeled)
1⁄4 cup
sugar (to taste)


How to make Kanyah?
1. Grind the groundnuts into a smooth paste.
2. Using a mortar or blender, add the gari or rice flour gradually to the groundnut paste alternately with the sugar until they are well-blended.
3. Remove and store in an airtight container.
4. For a more compact mixture add more groundnuts, press and cut into cubes before serving.
5. Serve as a snack with fruit juice.


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