Beans Akara

Source: What's Cooking Today by Muriel Emekunle Davies
Prep time: 30 minutesCooking time: 20 minutesTotal time: 50 minutes


Beans Akara made from Black-eyed Beans


2 cups
black-eye beans
salt (to taste)
1 pint
palm oil (/groundnut oil)
peppers (to taste)
water (if mixture is too heavy)


How to cook Beans Akara?
1. Wash, stone and soak beans for one hour.
2. Remove the skin by rubbing beans in a bowl with small grinding pepper stone.
3. Grind beans finely on pepper stone/liquidise if grinding machine is available.
4. Beat well with wooden spoon to trap in air. Add very little water if mixture is too heavy.
5. Grind onion and pepper finely and season the mixture adding salt to taste.
6. Heat oil and fry in deep fat in spoonful and drain well on kitchen paper.
7. Serve hot or cold.


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