Shrimps In Paradise

Source: V. Challenor


Shrimps In Paradise


frozen shrimps (small pkt. or 2 tins prawns)
cream cheese (2 large pkts)
consommé soup (2 tins)
1 teaspoon
parsley (a little chopped for decoration)


How to make Shrimps In Paradise?
1. If using frozen shrimps, wash and cook as normal. Chill 1 tin of consomme soup. Later mix with 1 pkt. softened cream cheese and curry. Arrange a few shrimps in bottom of soup bowl and pour over this mixture. Place in fridge to set.
2. When set remove from fridge and pour over a layer of the consommé from the second tin. Again put in fridge to set.
3. To decorate pipe around bowl with softened cream cheese, place a shrimp in the middle and sprinkle on chopped parsley.

Serves 6 - 8 depending on bowl size.


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