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Velvet Almond Fudge Pie

Submitted by West Africa Cooks on Sat, 2017-03-11 17:42


6 Servings
Prep time
Cooking time
Total time


3. This was taken from a Jello Recipe and has proved to be very nice!


1 cup
blanched chopped almonds
1 package
jello pudding and pie filling (chocolate fudge or chocolate flavoured)
3⁄4 cups
corn syrup
3⁄4 cups
evaporated milk
egg (slightly beaten)
1⁄2 cup
chocolate chips (, melted)
pre-baked 8" pie shell


How to make Velvet Almond Fudge Pie?

1. Toast the chopped almonds for a few minutes and set aside.
2. Blend together until smooth in a bowl over water, the melted chips, the pie filling, corn syrup, milk and egg. Add almonds and pour into pie shell. Bake at 375° about 45 minutes or until top is firm and begins to crack. Cool at least 4 hours and garnish with whipped topping if desired.

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