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Perfect Host: African Party Part 2

Submitted by West Africa Cooks on Thu, 2014-08-28 13:14
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Have you ever went over a friends house to eat and the food just aint no good I mean the macaroni's soggy the peas are mushed and the...chicken tastes like wood.
Rapper and guests delight!

Well if you wish to be know all over the world as the Perfect Host read on.

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The Perfect Host

Once you've worked out what food you'll need for your guests, you can relax and enjoy yourself. After all, there's no reason why hosting a party shouldn't be as much fun as going to one!

Being a good host isn't all about getting the catering right (although that definitely helps!). If you've got everything organised and are relaxed and in control, your guests will have a much more enjoyable time. And, once you're confident you've got the food sorted, you'll be able to concentrate on just being you!

If you're planning a buffet you'll need more food than for a cocktail party where akra canapes are passed around, as people tend to eat more when they help themselves. The more formal the occasion, the less people eat — guests tend to eat more at gatherings at are relaxed and casual.

Don't worry if the food seems to be disappearing fast at a buffet — most food is eaten during the first 90 minutes of a party, and people will slow down after that. And it's a good idea to provide some options for vegetarians or people with special dietary requirements, such as gluten intolerance.

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Show Your Love Of The African Continent

Serve African wine and African coffee to your guests. There are many Classic South African wines which are amongst the best in the world. For coffee choose from Kenyan, Ethiopian, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Ugandan, Rwandan Masaka/Maraba and Tanzanian. Pick the best organic coffee and support Fair Trade and tell your guests.

Buy African Coffee for your dinner party from this site.
Buy African Wine for your dinner party and wine cellar from our dedicated wine page.

Well here is a catering company specialising in African food and the food don't tastes like wood.

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