Popular African Snacks - Coconut cake

By Nadia, 4 December, 2011

Coconut cake can be bought on the street anywhere in West Africa but I've not managed to come across it anywhere in the western world. I suspect the Arab or Asian corner shops may stock it somewhere obscure......either that or I'm blind.

Coconut cake is a snack that makes me nostalgic. It reminds me of my Grandmother, who would always keep little treats up in the cupboard in the dining room. She would present it when I least expected... usually when I was studying or observing life on the verandah in the afternoon. My grandmother has a serious sweet tooth and her treats always reflected this. If it wasnt biscuits it was Coconut Cake. Some days, my grandmother and I would watch the world go by eating cocunut cakes together in silence. It was our moment of sharing and love. Then my mother or one of my aunts would turn up and say " Nah dah Coconut Cake you deh eat eh? Must fallah you heart.. weh you go begin big you go sabi" Translation - Your eating Cocunut Cake? If you continue to follow your heart you wont know when you begin to expand...or you'll be sorry when you get fat." Then my Grandmother would either laugh or snap "Bo lef am!" Translation - leave her alone. My Grandmother is quite small and so is most of the family - luckily enough my tastebuds are more proned to savoury snacks and I never put on any major weight.

Cocunut cake is easy to make and another snack that children will enjoy making. So get stuck in and add a little bit of Africa to your Christmas day celebration

Cocunut Cake
You will need cocunut cake (1 coconut) and Sugar

First grate the coconut/chop it up
Heat up the sugar in a pot ( 5 spoons to begin with )
Add the coconut and stir
Stir till caramelised
Scoop out table spoon portions and leave to cool......



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