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Featured African Cooking Book Food From Across Africa: Recipes To Share

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Duval Timothy, Jacob Fodio Todd and Folayemi Brown are three energetic, imaginative Londoners set to change our cooking habits that is with their cookbook packed full of gorgeous full-colour photography and easy-to-follow, fresh and healthy recipes.

Discover Groundnut Stew, Jollof Rice, Butterbean Terrine, Pork in Tamarind, Cardamom Mandazi, Baked Broccoli Falafals, Yorkshire Pudding with Mango Curd and Puna Yam Cake.

Food From Across Africa: Recipes to Share

(US Only)

Food From Across Africa: Recipes to Share is a contemporary African cookbook from the foodie trio behind the current pop-up supperclub craze, order in the US. Full review of The Groundnut Cookbook which is the UK name of the book

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West Africa and African Cooking Books on how to prepare, create by cooking and enjoy African Food. The wonderful world of cooking is represented in cook book. There is classic dishes of the African diaspora to creative culinary combinations that will amaze vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores alike. African, Caribbean, and Southern Flavors are represented too. There are menus and recipes from eleven African countries and the Island of Zanzibar. Also our page has Nigeria food books, recipes from Ethiopia, Nigeria and Kenya. Select from our African cooking books by authors Bryant Terry, Rachel Pambrun, Marcus Samuelsson, Pierre Thiam and Rachel C.J. Massaquoi.

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1) Quick Book Buys (US)

Auntie Tsehai Cooks: A Comprehensive Guide to Making Ethiopian and Eritrean Food

Auntie Tsehai, an experienced cook for decades, shares her culinary expertise, outlining the best practices she has developed and honed, preparation tips, and insights

The Ghana Cookbook

"The good soup comes from the good earth" elegantly sums up the Ghana's tradition of cooking. In over 140 recipes, the authors highlight the flavor principles, seasoning techniques, and basic stocks, and much more.

Senegal: Modern Senegalese Recipes from the Source to the Bowl

Inspired by the depth of Senegalese cooking and the many people Pierre’s met on his culinary journey. Learn to cook the vibrant, diverse food of Senegal

Afro-Vegan: Farm-Fresh African, Caribbean, and Southern Flavors Remixed

In Afro-Vegan, renowned chef and food justice activist Bryant Terry reworks and remixes the favorite staples, ingredients, and classic dishes of the African Diaspora

Marcus Off Duty: The Recipes I Cook at Home

The youngest chef ever to receive three stars from the New York Times. The recipes blend a rainbow of the flavors he experienced in his travels—Ethiopian, Swedish, Mexican, Caribbean, Italian, and Southern soul.

African Cookbook: Recipes from Ethiopia, Nigeria and Kenya

African Cookbook is a compilation of over 80 recipes from the African Countries of Ethiopia, Nigeria and Kenya. Cook your way through each of these fascinating Countries!

Published 2014 Marcus Off Duty: The Recipes I Cook at Home. Born in Ethiopia, raised in Sweden, and trained in European kitchens written by Marcus Samuelsson. Also published Flavors of India & Africa: More than 100 tasty family recipes. This cookbook features the traditional Indian and East African foods the author Khatoon Gulamani was raised with by.

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  • Zainabu's African Cookbook: With Food and Stories
  • The Soul of a New Cuisine: A Discovery of the Foods and Flavors of Africa
  • Vegan Soul Kitchen: Fresh, Healthy, and Creative African-American Cuisine
  • Yolele! Recipes From the Heart of Senegal

Recommended If You Love Cooking

Zainabu's African Cookbook


The Soul of a New Cuisine

Vegan Soul Kitchen

2) Quick Book Buys (UK)

Zoe's Ghana Kitchen by Zoe Adjonyoh

Hibiscus by Lopè Ariyo

The Groundnut Cookbook

The Groundnut Cookbook is a contemporary African cookbook from the foodie trio behind the current pop-up supperclub craze, order in the UK.

Published 2014 Flavors of India & Africa: More than 100 tasty family recipes by Khatoon Gulamani

The African Cookbooks

Foods of Sierra Leone and Other West African Countries

A World Of Food: Nigeria

A Plate in the Sun

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