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By West Africa Cooks, 13 July, 2015

Reviewing The Groundnut Cookbook a contemporary African cookbook from the foodie trio behind the current pop-up banquet supperclub craze.

Not most familiar with West African cuisine? What about the cooking of East African cuisine? Baffled at why African food doesn't sit along site Chinese or Italian, and to why there are so few cook books in the shops and libraries? Well The Groundnut Cookbook published by Michael Joseph in the UK on the 2nd July 2015 is now available to order for yourself.

African food is some of the best on the planet. Search on the World Health reports about African super foods which you need to be eating and drinking right now. Also look for The rise of African superfoods a CNN article. Food talked about are teff, coconut, tamarind, hibiscus, moringa and baobab. Dishes written about and suggested for us to cook are kenke from Ghana, jollof rice and okra stew. Scientists say African plants contain more nutrients than other vegetables. We should try to incorporate some of these foods into our diets this is where Duval Timothy, Jacob Fodio Todd and Folayemi Brown three talented young Londoners come in who are set to change our eating with their African cookbook. The authors are second generation African, they have produced a wonderful book, they cover Sierra Leone, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenyan and South Sudan where their families are from. Inside the book find lots of information about cooking African, food ingredients and life this helps put the recipes into a cultural context.

So here is the break down. It is a quality heavy bound book over 60 recipes on over 320 pages, which impressed my mother who was born in West Africa, Sierra Leone. You will find stylish pictures of the dining hall and gallery of the south London supper club location where events have taken place, also the local markets of the area plus West Africa and their markets.

If you have ever wondered how to make beef suya, ginger beer, shito and palava sauce buy this book. Also find out about sweet dishes like ginger cake, garri oatcakes, groundnut and almond ice cream. These recipes have been tested at their bi-monthly supperclub which has been a sell out for up to 34 guests at a time.

Chapters Are Based On Menus

The book contains an about us section, 8 menus sets plus a brunch chapter based around their supperclub. They changed menu from supperclub event to event. A menu represents the way a dishes fit together. The book starts with orange juice African style in menu 1. The cultural reasons why it is popular in West Africa are explained in which roadside venders there will often only be selling peeled oranges. The colour of an orange is not the same as in Europe more green-orange-red. The highlight in menu 1 is groundnut stew with rice. A trademark dish on opening event of the supperclub. A rich onion, garlic and scotch-bonnet pepper base, fried (then stewed) chicken, pure peanut butter and a great self-made vegetable stock. Then there is chickpea egusi. Menu 2 has groundnut soup and pan-fried okra. Menu 3 discover ginger beer which is served at West African parties. Menu 5 "classic African main dishes" are Nigerian moin-moin. A traditional Nigerian steamed cake made from black eyed beans and roasted red peppers steamed in a bain-marie; served at parties. Find out how to make shito and jollof rice. Menu 6 we have injera pikelet and wot Ethiopian cuisine. Menu 8 peppe (cow foot) fiery broth, ingredients are scotch bonnet pepper then there is palava sauce. The last chapter called Brunch describes paw-paw which takes me back to my father and how he eat this fruit, squeezing limes over them. It is a reminder of our African heritage.

In conclusion, The Groundnut Cookbook is a book for the African diaspora, second and third generation African who wish to find out about their parents food and culture. It is a book also for the aware international foodie, it is lifestyle, atmosphere and enterprise. African heritage and London culture can be combined to start a business, provide employment and build a brand. At this moment in time it is a rare cookbook on African food and cooking for the kitchens of the western world. It is packed full of gorgeous full-colour photography and easy-to-follow, fresh and healthy recipes. The recipes have been created, tried and tested by diners at their supperclub. The Groundnut Cookbook in hardback will make you wonder why it's taken you this long to explore Africa's culinary gems. Therefore it is recommended and worth purchasing.

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Beautiful book, with a great mix of food photography and more informal pictures of friends, family & inspirations. The recipes are easy to follow...
You really get a sense of what The Groundnut supper club and African cooking is all about..
The recipes, style and looks of the food is bound to impress anyone! Every single recipe looks amazing and I cant wait to try them out.

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The Groundnut Cookbook is a contemporary African cookbook from the foodie trio behind the current pop-up supperclub craze, order in the UK and US.
ISBN-10: 0718179412
ISBN-13: 978-0718179410

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