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Cooking West African Food, Recipes And Meals

What Foods Do West Africans Like To Eat?

What do people of West African origin eat? Typically fufu (foofoo), banku, kenkey and garii (gari) which are served alongside soups and stews eaten by hand. They eat meals heavy with starchy items, meat, spices, pepper and flavors. Many dishes combine leaves such as spinach, bitters and bologie or fish and meat with palm oil and groundnut. West Africans also love beans, fried plantain and tomatoes.

So your family heritage and culture is West African and you are interested in the food, recipes and meals you ate as a child and wish to pass these on to your children or you are a foodie wanting to find out more before you try African cuisine then you have arrived at the right website. This website aims to provide answers to the questions of what do Africans cook, drink and serve family and friends at wedding and gatherings? Traditional meals are documented here like jollof rice, okra in palm oil with meat and rice bread.

What are the main ingredients used in West African cooking? This site list them out. Cooking styles change from generation to generation. What are the differences with how our parents ate and cooked back home? What is a typical meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner? The modern western kitchen is about precision so here we have recorded many recipes with quantities used in our cooking. This is a real development since it is well known that the practice common in the days of our grandparents and parents was putting ingredients together without actually weighing them out, not surprising since this was the practice for generations.

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What is happening now in West African cooking and food? What are the future trends? What about the cooking of West African cuisine? Why does it not sit along site Chinese or Italian food? Why are there so few books in the shops and libraries?

The ethnic food market is growing. Where can you buy yam and palm oil from? We would like to answer these questions plus also feature articles about the history and culture of West African cooking. We would like your comments, posts and your pictures. The place to read articles about these and more is Cuisine Nadia. A West Africa Food, Eating and Life Magazine.

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