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West African Dishes For Lunch Or Dinner

What do West Africans Eat For Lunch Or Dinner?

What do west Africans like to eat during the day? From the book Favourite Sierra Leone Recipes by Pamela Greene the following list has been compiled which includes stews, leaves and soups.

  1. Rice and Cassava or Sweet Potato Leaves Plasas
  2. Boiled Yam Palm Soup served with steamed Greens
  3. Boiled Cassava and Groundnut Stew with fried garden eggs
  4. Foofoo and Okro or Kren-Ken Sauce
  5. Cassava or Yam Croquettes (Balls), Fried Liver with Tomato and cucumber
  6. Jollof Rice with Meat or Chicken stew served with mixed vegetable salad
  7. Rice or Boiled Cassava with Palm Oil and Fish Stew
  8. Agidi or Boiled Yam and Groundnut Soup
  9. Boiled Sweet Potato with Meat Ball Stew and vegetables
  10. Boiled Plantain with Chicken or Beef Stew and green beans
  11. Rice and 'Boil Stew'
  12. Boiled Sweet Potato and Liver Stew, Salad
  13. Coconut Rice and Liver Stew
  14. Ebeh, One Pot
  15. Foofoo and Obiatta
  16. Foofoo and Okra Sauce
  17. Foofoo or Yam with Dry Okro Sauce
  18. Kuskus with Chicken Stew
  19. Boild Yam, Cocoyam with Pepper Soup
  20. Cassava Bread and Fried Fish

In-between Meal Snacks

Source: Favourite Sierra Leone Recipes by Pamela Greene

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