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In Between Meal Snacks Of Africans

What Do West Africans Snacks On And Eat In Between Meals?

What are the favorite west African snacks? What do they like to eat in between meals? Here are a list of such snacks people cook and serve over west African countries like Sierra Leone. These meal snacks are brought to you by Pamela Greene and her book is called Favourite Sierra Leone Recipes.

  1. Fried Plantain and Sweet Potatoes with Orange Juice
  2. Oleleh or Abala with Ginger Beer
  3. Kanyah (Rice or Gari) with Grapefruit Juice
  4. Foorah with a glass of Milk
  5. Binch Akara and Bread with fruit Juice
  6. Boiled Corn and Groundnuts; Fruit Juice
  7. Roast Corn and Groundnuts; Fruit Juice
  8. Rice Bread and Orange Juice
  9. Ginger Cake
  10. Coconut Cake
  11. Roman Cake
  12. Congu
  13. Corned Beef Cake
  14. Agidi and Fried Fish
  15. Achomo
  16. Fried Plantain with fish
  17. Banana Chips
  18. Plantain Chips
  19. Benni Cake
  20. Cassava Balls with Fried Fish

Source: Favourite Sierra Leone Recipes by Pamela Greene

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