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Okra Sauce

Submitted by West Africa Cooks on Wed, 2013-12-11 10:49


6 Servings
SourceFavourite Sierra Leone Recipes by Pamela Greene
Prep time
2 hours
Cooking time
1 hour, 30 minutes
Total time
3 hours, 30 minutes


Okra Sauce or Okro Sauce is a favorite west African meal. Oka (edible green seed pods) known in many English-speaking countries as ladies' fingers or ochro. The flowering plant is cultivated in tropical, subtropical and warm temperate regions around the world. Okra is served all over west African countries like Sierra Leone and this recipe is brought to you by Pamela Greene. This recipe can be vegan by adding your own favorite vegetables.


1 pound
meat (steak or meat with bone)
pig's foot
3 cups
okra (thinly sliced)
large onion (ground)
1 cup
palm oil
1 1⁄2 cup
flaked dried fish
2 cups
salt and pepper (to taste ogiri optional)
1⁄4 teaspoon


How to cook Okra Sauce?
1. Cut and soak pig's foot overnight. Boil until tender.
2. Cut meat into small pieces and put in saucepan with water. Bring to boil and simmer gently until meat is almost tender.
3. Add the pig's foot, onion and pepper. Simmer gently, stirring occasionally.
4. Add okra and flaked fish. Add some water according to desired consistency. Fish should be added last if it is tender and not too dry. If dry add during stage three.
5. Add the lubi and cook for a few minutes until okra is tender and sliminess achieved.
6. Add palm oil and cook until it no longer has a raw flavour.
7. Add salt to taste. Simmer slowly to required consistency.
8. Serve hot with rice or foofoo.


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