What Do Africans Like To Drink?

By West Africa Cooks, 15 April, 2014

So what do Africans love to drink? West Africans like to drink Ginger Beer, Lemon Grass Drink, Pineapple Drink and Orange Ade these are the non alcoholic drinks. Mildly alcoholic, probably about 1% alcohol is palm wine. Poyo is palm wine, Salone’s favorite native adult beverage. Milky-white in color, it’s surprisingly thin and almost frothy when fresh, which is how you want to taste it. Here are drinks Africans like to drink.

A Spoonful Of malt

Malt extract is packed full of sugars and some nutrients, including vitamin A and riboflavin. Mainly used in flavoured drinks and confectionery, after the war it was popular as a cheap dietary supplement for a generation of undernourished children who needed a high carbohydrate feed as well as more vitamins. So it should not be a surprised that Supermalt is one of the brands drunk, as there is a love for the taste of malt in Africa.

What Beers Do Africans Like To Drink?

Star beer, Banks, Keo, Stallion, Bell, Dragon Stout, Guinness, Tusker, brewed by the East African Breweries is a Kenyan beer.

In West Africa the following countries drinks are favoured


La Béninoise is the national beer of Benin. Flag and Castel are also widely available. Locally brewed millet beer, known as tchouk, is popular in the northern regions.

Cape Verde

In Cape Verde the main brand is the Strela beer.


Gambia has Julbrew. Brewed by Banjul Breweries Ltd.


Ghana's most famous brands are Star beer and Club Premium Lager.


Guiluxe, a favorite of expatriate Peace Corps Volunteers, is the only known locally brewed beer in Guinea.


Club beer is domestically brewed by Monrovia Breweries.


Niger has Biere Niger.


Nigeria produces a version of Guinness Foreign Extra Stout.

Nigerian Breweries brews under license Star, Gulder, Heineken, Tiger Bock, Kronenbourg and several local beer brands, both ale and stout types. Mopa Breweries, Ltd. produces the popular One Lager.

Intafact Beverages Limited with a single brewery in Onitsha brews Hero Lager, Castle Milk Stout,and non-alcoholic beverages such as Grand Malt and Beta Malt.

International Breweries Plc in Ilesa brew Trophy Lager, Trophy Black and BETAMALT.

Sierra Leone

Star Beer is the most widely distributed domestically brewed beer in Sierra Leone.


Eku Bavaria and Awooyo are two brands in Togo. Flag and Castel are also widely available.

What Teas Are Drunk In Africa?

Mint tea is the drink loved in the West African country Senegal. Senegal tea-drinking revolves around mint tea especially, similar to other countries in the West Africa region, such as ‡Gambia and Mauritania. The Senegalese tea culture is an important part of daily social life.

Traditional Ethiopian And Eritrean Coffee

The home of coffe is East Africa and Ethiopia. From Ethiopia the spread of coffee moved out into the world. Coffee is something of a delicacy and to be asked to take coffee is a special invitation, a symbol of hospitality, to honor a guest. The Ethiopia and Eritrean coffee is always made by a woman, who washes the green beans and roasts them in a pan called a 'menkeshkesh'. When the beans are dark enough, the pan with the smoking beans is passed around and one fans the smoke so as to appreciate the aroma of the freshly roasted beans. The beans are ground and put on a small rush mat (mishrafat) which is used as a funnel to pour the coffee into its pot (Jebena). Water is added and the coffee brought to the boil over acharcoal brazier. It is shameful to let the coffee boil over.

The hostess sets the mood by burning incense. When all is ready sugar is put in the small cups (finjal) and the coffee is strained into them. Popcorn is eaten at the same time.

In Ethiopia and Eritrea there is also mess and sewa. Mess is a honey wine while sewa is sort of like an ale. Those words are *Tigrinya. In **Amharic it is Tej for mess…Tea is a big deal as well. It is red tea with cinnamon clove and cardamom served red in glass receptacles. Raki is also drunk. Coffee is also a ceremony in countries boardering Ethiopia such as Sudan and the Horn of Africa region.

So now you know what to drink for the 2014 Fifa World Cup in Brazil if you are going to support an African country.

Source From Wikipedia

West Africa Cooks

*Tigrinya, often written as Tigrigna is an Afro-Asiatic language, belonging to the family's Semitic branch. It is spoken by ethnic Tigray-Tigrinya in the Horn of Africa.
**Amharic is a Semitic language spoken in Ethiopia.

‡See also on the discussing of tea Ataya. We have never walked down a street in The Gambia when we didn't see people on the street preparing Ataya. Thank you, Doris Wright for this information using our contact feedback form.


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