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Ginger Beer

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6 Bottles
SourceFavourite Sierra Leone Recipes by Pamela Greene
Prep time
4 hours
Cooking time
Total time
4 hours


Ginger beer, made with fresh ginger, cloves and sugar.


fresh ginger (handfuls of)
sugar to taste
cold water (bottles)
water (at boiling point bottles)
vanilla essence (or rasberry optional)
red food colouring (optional)


How to make Ginger Beer?
1. Wash the ginger thoroughly and remove the skins by scraping.
2. Chop into small pieces and pound in a mortar. You may use a blender but add water during blending.
3. When a fine pulp has been obtained pour out into a bowl and add the boiling water.
4. Stir thoroughly, cover and leave to infuse until luke-warm.
5. Strain, first through a flour sieve then through a fine muslin cloth.
6. Squeeze the juice of the lime and strain through a clean muslin cloth, into the infusion.
7. Add the rest of the cold water, stir and leave again to settle out the starch.
8. Decant the top clear liquid into another clean bowl leaving the starch at the bottom. More cold water may be added if the beer is too 'hot' at this stage.
9. Add sugar to taste and drop in the cloves.
10. Add a few drops of essence or colouring if desired. (One or two drops of red colouring will give a pink colour if variety is needed).
11. Pour into bottles and chill.
12. Serve chilled.

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