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Jollof Rice (The Groundnut Cookbook)

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4 Servings
SourceThe Groundnut Cookbook
Prep time
Cooking time
1 hour, 20 minutes
Total time
1 hour, 20 minutes


Duval Timothy, Jacob Fodio Todd and Folayemi Brown three talented young Londoners come in who are set to change our eating with their African cookbook.


red peppers
onions (medium to large)
3 cloves
garlic (bulbs)
scotch bonnet pepper
1 teaspoon
100 grams
plum tomatoes
4 tablespoons
sunflower oil
1 teaspoon
dried thyme
1⁄2 teaspoon
cayenne pepper (or alternativeq)
1⁄2 teaspoon
ground ginger
1 teaspoon
smoked paprika
1 teaspoon
tomato puree (heaped)
500 milliliters
chicken stock
1 tablespoon
red palmoil
1 teaspoon
300 grams
white bosmati rice (to 600ml of cooking sauce)


How to make Jollof Rice?

1. Finely slice the onions and peppers.

2. Make a paste out of the garlic and a teaspoon of salt. Deseed and slice the Scotch bonnet pepper, dice the tomatoes and set aside. Soften the onions and peppers in sunflower oil over a high heat for 5 minutes, stirring frequently.

3. Add the pasted garlic, Scotch bonnet pepper. tomatoes and dry seasonings and cook for a further 10 minutes on a medium heat, stirring frequently. Add the tomato puree, cook for another minute or so. then remove from the heat. Blend the mixture with 200ml of chicken stock. If this was prepared in advance. raise the temperature of it first.

4. Add another 200m1 of stock and blend until the mixture is smooth. Add the palm oil, a final teaspoon of salt. and then pour 600ml of this mixture back into the pot. Raise the temperature of the sauce until it is lightly bubbling.

5. Measure out your rice. then add to the pot. The pot should have a tight-fitting lid. but if it doesn't you can use some foil with the shiny side facing down to retain the heat.

6. Stir gently so that all the rice is coated with the red sauce, then reduce the heat to a very low flame —the lowest possible. Cover and simmer for 10 minutes. Open the lid and stir gently again. It is important to get under the centre of the pan so all the rice cooks at the same rate. Cover and simrner for another 10 minutes. Open and stir for a final time. then simmer for a final 10 minutes. This makes 30 minutes cooking time in total.

7. Turn the heat off and allow to steam, covered. for a further 15 minutes. lt's tempting to open the pot here but it, very important to trust the process and allow the rice to cook residually. This improves the final taste and texture of the rice.

8. Open the lid then leave to stand for 5 minutes. uncovered. Then fluff with a fork to separate the rice, slowly working inwards from the edge of the pan in a swirling motion. If the rice is not completely cooked. add the reserved stock. stir gently. then place back on a low heat for a further10 minutes.

9. Spoon the rice out onto a separate dish and serve.


The ratio is1:2 of rice to cooking sauce

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