Africa Utopia Food Market September 2014 | Southbank Centre

By West Africa Cooks, 9 September, 2014

A special edition of the Southbank Centre Food Market featuring stalls including Ghanaian Street Food, (Zoe's Ghana Kitchen, Chale, Pepper and Stew) Ethiopian Coffee and Zigni Sauce and Spice (Eritrean) and East African street. Visit Africa Utopia Food

Trying Ethiopian Food

So you are an adventurous eater you have eaten Chinese and Indian before and you love the flavours of the east. Now you are wondering whether you will like Ethiopian food. Well here are Ethiopian dishes that are traditional and ones to ask for.


Injera is flat Ethiopian bread which has a very slight sour dough taste which complements the spices used in Ethiopian cuisine, you eat this with your hands
Vegeterian Shiro Beyaynetu
Combination of Shiro, Spicy Chick Peas and Aubergine, Duba (Pumpkin) wot and two portions of seasonal vegetables


Finely chopped lean prime beef in a red chili sauce

Alicha Beg Wot

Lamb fillet cubed & cooked with onions, garlic, ginger & traditional Ethiopian spices

Alicha Kik

A mild split peas sauce cooked in tumeric & fresh herbs & spices

Chicken Cream Tibs

Cubed chicken cooked in a rich cream sauce, seasoned with fresh herbs

Traditionally Served Eritrean Coffee for a Guest at Home

At the end of an Eritrean meal fresh African coffee beans are roasted and guests are offered to smell the strong aroma of the coffee. The beans are then ground and put in a traditional clay vessel called a Jebena and boiled. The coffee is traditionally served black in small espresso cups

Trying Ghanaian Food on the Streets

What is Kelewele?

Kelewele is spicy fried plantains or sweet plantain which is marinated in ginger, clover and chilli then fried until caramelised

What is Chinchinga?

Chinchinga is an African kebab

Enjoy your chop...
Friday's and Saturday's pictures of this event are on facebook.


Southbank Centre Square (Hayward Gallery side)

Date and Time

12 September 2014, 10:00am - 14 September 2014, 18:00pm


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