Jollof Rice Matters

By West Africa Cooks, 10 August, 2016

World Jollof Rice Day is all about marketing West Africa. Let's cook, eat and share jollof all day is a foodies marketing slogan. Just as the words give us this day our daily bread is about marketing for the ancient bakers. Marketing is about designing and communicating a message about your services or products which has a need or a want. This has become easier in the digital age.

Where You Spend Your Money Matters

Interest rates are at present ultra-low, near zero, lowest in 350 years and have been held low for over seven years but underemployment and unemployment still persist in the African, Caribbean and African-American community. What does this mean. It means that companies and organisations do not wish to employ and invest in you, your family or community; even though they can borrow money for nearly nothing. Poor contracts, low pay, sexism, discrimination and racism. To me that means they really want you to work for them for nothing. Just as if we were in times of 200 years ago. There is a word for that*. The only things that businesses in the Anglo Saxon west respects is money. So a flow of money away from your enemies, companies and organisations who see you as a meal ticket for themselves is what is recommended long term. KFCr*p, Mcshi&ty and Pizzahurt equals 0% investment return on your future. Best not to be their number one customer by spending your money on their low quality food and sugar drinks.

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Investment Return To You

Investment Return on your Future

Underlining all this business and marketing noise Jollof Rice Matters. Also rice and peas matters, jambalaya matters. Connect the dots. Black lives matter. Where you spend your money matters and good employment matters. So you knew this World Jollof Rice Day was coming and you didn't do anything about it. You didn't plan and you didn't execute a strategy to captialise on this manufactured day to create wealth for the yourself and your community. Apart from retweeting a few jokes what have you done to make Jollof Rice Matter. Wake up start planning for next year's World Jollof Rice Day.

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World Jollof Rice Day Flow Of Money

Jollof Rice Matters

If you want in, see our suggestions were gaps in the market for African business exist, we then recommend that you visit West Africa if you can and look for inspiration.

10 Suggestions To Really Make Jollof Rice Matter

  1. Visit West Africa and market travel, holidays and business trips
  2. Design or buy West African fashion and at your dinner parties wear African
  3. Design, create and sell African cookware
  4. Through food and drink tell the African story and document the best diet in the world
  5. Create a meetup group for African, Caribbean and African-American foodies
  6. Start an African children's supperclub
  7. Teach your children how to cook and bake healthy African food
  8. Fast from fast food, once you do your business marketing open a quality African/Caribbean or soul food restaurant
  9. Offer taste cards discounts for a network of foodies
  10. Encourage affiliate marketing by rewarding others for promoting your business

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Other dates you should include in your African diary as well as World Jollof Rice Day to make your live matter.

  • Black History Month
  • Marcus Garvey Day (17 August)
  • Nelson Mandela's Birthday
  • Other African freedom fighters and pioneers birthday's like Fela Kuti, etc
  • Africa Day
  • Every West African independence day
  • The Africa Cup of Nations
  • African Fashion Week
  • Black Women's Wellness Day
  • African summer festivals (see events page)

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During these time spend your money on Africa. Invest if you can afford it with African businesses of quality, cook for yourself and cook for others. Market to the European consumer.

Please contact for more on marketing this day. Finally let's cook, eat and share jollof all day.

West Africa Cooks

* 23rd August is International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition


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