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Chillies And West African Stews

Submitted by West Africa Cooks on Mon, 2017-04-24 16:37

Cooking the pepper stew this weekend well let's take a look at the which one to use.

heat, fruity or tangy mild or super-spicy. Let's look at chillies and find out which suits your tastebuds

Pepper Soup
Peppered Chicken


This versatile chilli adds medium heat and a tangy taste to everything, from salsa and rice, to casseroles and pasta sauce. It's often used to top burgers, tacos and hot dogs and can also be stuffed with cheese, veg, meat, or seafood fillings.

Birds Eye

Small and extremely hot, these vary in flavour and colour from fresh, sharp green to sweet, fiery red, depending on their ripeness. Sliced finely, they make a striking garnish. They originated in Thailand, where they are eaten by birds, giving them their quirky name.


With a mild, Jalapeno-like heat, this pepper gives a gentle kick to quesadillas. relishes and cornbread. Add them raw to salads, dressings and even cocktails.

Scotch Bonnet

These add a sweet, fruity flavour with citrus hints. They also pack fierce heat, so a little goes a very long way. A key ingredient in the jerk dishes and rich meat stews of the Caribbean, they're brilliant for super-hot table sauces, too. Not for the faint of heart!


These range from milder heat (green) to medium (red), similar to Cayenne or Tabasco. They're ideal for spicing up chilli con came and stir-fries.


These medium-hot chillies are originally from India and perfect for its cuisine. They add a punchy sizzle to curries and snacks such as bhajis and samosas - or use them sparingly to give freshness and bite to salad dressings.

The Scoville Scale

This measures the heat of chillies. It ranges from mild bell peppers to the world's hottest variety, the Carolina Reaper!

  • Scoville Heat Chilli Units (SHU) variety
  • 2,200,000 Carolina Reaper Trinidad Moruga Scorpion
  • 855,000- Ghost or 2,199,993 Bhut Jolokla
  • 350,000- I Red Savina 580,000 Habanero
  • 100,000- I Scotch 350,000 Bonnet
  • 100,000- Birds Eye 225,000
  • 50,000- Byadagl 100,000 Finger Chilli Serenade
  • 30,000- Cayenne 50,000 Tabasco Comet
  • 10,000- Serrano 23,000
  • 3,500- Chipotle 10,000 Fresno
  • 1,000- Jalapeno 4,000 Hercules
  • 100-900 Banana Pepper
  • 0 Bell Pepper