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A Magazine On Africa Food, Eating And Life

A West Africa Food, Eating And Life Magazine

We are commissioning a top British Africa writer Nadia Maddy author of The Palm Oil Stain to write articles for this section. Her writing style is fresh, topical and has a magazine feel she will be writing about West Africa food, eating and life under the brand name Cuisine Nadia. So if you are interested in news, gossip and features on African food read on.

This followed with a stint on C4 writing, producing and Aliens Amongst Us won final selection at the Black Hollywood Film Festival in 2003 directing a documentary Aliens Amongst Us. Time Out described Aliens amongst Us as 'raw, exciting and a great story.'

The The Palm Oil Stain is Nadia's debut Novel and has been featured in BBC Radio Network Africa, BBC World Service Newshour and The Voice Newspaper.

Nadia is the Creative Director of The Indie Book Show web TV Series currently causing a stir in the loins of the Indie Publishing world.

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Nadia Maddy Nadia's website is

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A West Africa Food, Eating and Life Magazine

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