London African Food Week 2019

By West Africa Cooks, 18 April, 2019

Building on the work by essense 13 esSense 13 *Africa Food Week - London Edition 20-24 Mar 2018, London, United Kingdom we now support London African Food Week (LAFW) which is taking place on Sunday 26th May - Friday 31st May 2019. This event aims to raise the profile and create awareness regarding the nutritional benefits of African food with the goal of celebrating the African food experience in London.

The event will be a week-long celebration of the African food experience in London and this year hosted by Nigerian food pop-up, Tokunbo’s Kitchen. Here is a quote from her.
Following a trip to Dakar, Senegal in March 2016, shortly after starting the street food venture that became Tokunbo's Kitchen, myself and Leslie, editor of West Africa Cooks blog, were discussing the idea of a week/month in which we would celebrate the delectable culinary delights Africa has to offer. The following year, I was delighted to receive an invitation to participate at the New York African Restaurant week as a precursor of bringing that brand to London. When that partnership became untenable, I was forced to place my dream on hold.

Today, I feel incredibly proud and excited to announce the manifestation of my idea into reality. Tokunbo

Objectives Of the Week

The event will create awareness regarding the nutritional benefits of African food.The planned schedule includes a cooking class and food. Photography workshop at Google’s KitchenSync London headquarters. The Africa at Spitafields festival will run alongside intimate. Chef-hosted pop up dinners and events to celebrate the best of African cuisine and culture. There will be a series of panel discussions as well as hands-on workshops from established and emerging new generation of African chefs, bloggers and entrepreneurs exploring the role of technology, new media in the discovery, branding and development of African food businesses. Events happening at The Africa centre, Channel 4, Afford at Richmix and Facebook.

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Celebrate The Best Of African Cuisine And Culture

Whilst there has been a recent higher demand in Britain for varied international cuisines as people have expanded their culinary exploration and their palates, food from Africa is often overlooked. Thanks to a growing emerging generation of African chefs like Tokunbo Koiki, African ingredients and flavours are gaining momentum across the food and drink sectors. African food is colourful and diverse like the continent itself. After years of the food and drink focus been on the flavours of Northern Africa, there has been a ground-swell of interest in the largely unexplored cuisine of Western African countries. In 2017, food trend experts, The Food People, dubbed West African cuisine as the “last great untapped cuisine” The week long festival gives food lovers and the foodie community a chance to do a deep dive into this cuisine and explore the culture that permeates so much of it.

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Who Are We Expecting?

Food Lovers: Come along for fantastic African food and drink with delectable delights and tasty treats from our featured chefs and food bloggers covering all regions of the continent.

Food Businesses: Whether you are an established brand or looking to start an African Food business, come learn from and connect with entrepreneurs and African food founders who have done it all before. Gain new skills through hands-on learning and training. Get all the insights, inspiration, connections and validation you need to start your own African Food journey.

Food Content Creators:Expand your network and meet an incredible community of like-minded founders, startups, influencers and brands. Get yourself seen as someone to look out for.

Food community leaders: Meet, mingle, discover and get inspired at a number of high profile events in partnership with business giants such as Google and Facebook. Hear from dozens of speakers; industry leaders and brands, successful founders, entrepreneurs, influencers, government and academics.

West Africa Cooks

*esSense 13 Africa Food Week - London Edition 2018

The event was a panel discussion: Creating Incredible African Dining Experiences. This panel features some of your African food bloggers, curators and restaurateurs. Discussion explored African dining experiences in the London area, the role of food bloggers, chefs and restaurateurs in maintaining the authenticity of African food while creating experiences that attract diners from outside the African community.
Thursday Pop Up Dinner & Live Music with Little Baobab. A 3-course traditional Senegalese menu, live music and a dialogue with Chef Khadim
Friday e13 Biz Clinic:Content Marketing, PR & Branding, and Food Photography Workshops. Three hands-on workshops covering branding, food styling and photography.
African Food Business Pitches Five finalists will pitch their African food businesses to a panel of judges and live audience.


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