African Tea (Hibiscus Tea from Senegal)

By West Africa Cooks, 17 June, 2014

Hesána Ltd is a youthful and exciting venture, their brand proposition is simple, introduce Africa to a new generation of consumers in an innovative and professional way. Hesána was born out of a genuine desire to showcase and promote the beauty that originates and still thrives in the living heart of Africa.

The company sells African tea (particularly Kenkeliba from Senegal) as well as other natural products such as

At present, the Baobab powder is their prime product, it is exciting and new to the western audience and it is the only known fruit in the world to grow and dry while still hanging on the tree - it can be consumed as a drink, eaten raw or mixed with porridge, ice cream even cake mix for a wholesome intake of vital nutrients.

‘Tree of Life’ (The Baobab tree) is harvested in the traditional way in many West African communities, in particular – Senegal. This product has been developed as their premium range of “Life Fruit” in order to promote a far healthier and natural alternative to the growing number of synthetic vitamin supplements and vitamin pills.

Their range of products are all organic and pure exports from the African continent, they refer to their products as ‘Life Products’ because of their natural and wholesome qualities, nothing is synthesised or compromised – everything is genuinely healthy.

The Hesána team

The name Hesána is derived from the Swahili word for ‘Beautiful’ it is also rooted in the classical Arabic word for ‘Excellence’ and ‘Brilliance’, the brand name encapsulates all things pure and authentic.

The name was unanimously chosen by our ‘Tribe-of-Three’ (Lamine, Kola & Ibrahim) a melange of Ivorian, Senegalese & Nigerian cultures – via London and Paris after a few days of tireless deliberation.

Hesána work is ethical

Their products are authentically African (that means they are sourced and processed by local communities in Africa and not imported from China or processed in Europe)

Find out more about their range of products by visiting their website at

Try the Hibiscus tea recipe

Note: Combretum micranthum, known as kinkeliba in Senegal and the Gambia across multiple regional dialects, is a shrub species often found in tiger bush and on hills in West Africa. Kinkeliba or kenkeliba is one of the most widely used health products for nourishing the body. It is considered to be something along the lines of a colon cleanser as Africans feel it improves stomach and gastrointestinal functions while regulating circulation and restoring nourish the liver function.


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