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By West Africa Cooks, 17 April, 2017

Old Jamaica Ginger Beer and Ting give you the right mix

Caribbean cocktail drinks are the perfect taste quenchers for the hot summer months. Here are a few ideas on how you can combine the popular drinks Old Jamaica Ginger Beer with a variety of alcohol favourites to create some cool cocktails.

Old Jamaica Ginger Beer is made with an unbeatable kick of authentic, fiery Jamaican root ginger and the UK's No. I branded ginger beer. Whether served on its own with ice and a wedge of lime or in combination with a range of quality spirits, Old Jamaica has a stand out flavour which will appeal to a range of consumers.

Try the quick and easy to. create serves listed below to offer your customers something new.

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Root 56

This serve created by Jagermeister has been creating waves at festivals up and down the country

The tantalising flavours created by the 56 roots, spices and fruits that go into making Jagermeister blend perfectly with the Old Jamaica ginger beer, creating a hot combination that may just surprise you
Ingredients: Jagermeister. Old Jamaica Ginger Beer, fresh lime, a slice of cucumber and ice
Method: Build in a glass filled with ice, pour Jagermeister, top up with Old Jamaica and then garnish with Fresh Lime and a slice of Cucumber

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Jamaican Storm

A delicious mix of spiced rum and the unmistakable fiery taste of Old Jamaica Ginger Beer
Ingredients: Your favourite spiced rum, Eg. Sailor Jerry ™ or Old J ™ Spiced Rum
Method: Build in a highball glass with cubed ice and a wedge of lime

Ginger Apple Mocktail

A non alcoholic refresher great for summer time
Ingredients: Old Jamaica ginger beer topped with apple juice and a dash of raspberry cordial
Method: Build in a glass filled with ice, with a slice of lemon

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Wray And Ting

Mixing the Jamaican heritage of both Wray and Nephew ™ and ting - this signature serve is bound to please
Ingredients: Wray and Nephew ™ over-proof Ruml
Method: Build in a highball glass with cubed ice and a wedge of lime


A zesty and refreshing and uplifting mix which works well with light botanicals
Ingredients: Your favourite Gin - Why not try Bombay Sapphire ™
Method: Build in a highball glass with cubed ice, wedge of lime and a dash of bitters

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T.O.P Mocktail

A refreshing non alcoholic delight created by Ian Burrel*
Ingredients: 75ml Orange juice, 75ml Pineapple juice + 150ml ting
Method: Fill and glass with ice and build with a lime wedge garnish

Ian Burrell * London-born Ian Burrell has one of the best jobs in the world, travelling the planet promoting rum. See also Rum fest


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