Kedjenou Day - C么te d'Ivoire vs Japan 14/15th June World Cup

Brazil FIFA World Cup 2014

By Nadia, 5 June, 2014

C么te d'Ivoire also known as Ivory Coast aka Drogba, Didier (DROGBAAAAAH) aka Yaya Tour茅( YAYAH!)

Ladies and Gentlemen can C么te d'Ivoire continue to live up to its reputation with such football greats at hand?
You think eh?
Okay....we goh see.
Go win dah money den you email me for proov'am...send some of the money for proof. Thank you very much God bless you.

What do we know about C么te d'Ivoire apart from several coup d'etat? Well, we know that the government demands that the English stop calling it Ivory Coast. They say 'd茅crit comme C么te d'Ivoire. Est-ce si difficile pour vous fous anglais banales? Huh? Huh?

Many Africans can tell you that C么te d'Ivoire was very successful economically until the late 1980s. It has managed to pick itself up slowly after two coup d'etat and a civil war. It is the largest exporter of cocoa beans in Africa. It also boasts a huge production of rubber and rubber plantations. C么te d'Ivoire borders four countries - Mali, Guinea, Liberia, Burkina Faso and Ghana. Football and Rugby are the most popular sports and the country has hosted African Basketball and Football championships several times.
Here's a lovely profile on Ivory Coast ooopps I mean C么te d'Ivoire team.

Now lets get down to the business of food. Kedjenou day is on the 14th/15th June. Kedjenou is one of the popular dishes that we chose to share with you. Ivorians eat a lot of Cassava and Plantains so we didn't want it to be too repetitive but we did want it to be a dish that you can order in any Francophone Restaurant in the world.

The dish of Kedjenou, chicken and vegetables is slow-cooked in a well-sealed pot with little or no added liquid. It is traditionally cooked in a hermetically sealed calabash but most likely in a pressure cooker in modern kitchens. The resulting dish has a full-flavored concentration of the chicken and tender meat. This stew takes about 2 hours to cook. I couldn't find much on this dish but what i did discover while researching it was that Ivorians appear to like 'side' foods, such as Atti茅k茅 - a kind of grained cassava pulp eaten with..well anything, then there's Alloco, popular street food of plantain fried in palm oil, followed by foutou which sounds like foufou. And guess is! There were loads more which lead me to the conclusion that Ivorians like to 'cham cham' a lot.

We want you to find that restaurant whether you are in London, Paris, C么te d'Ivoire, Senegal, USA etc we don't care. Celebrate Kedjenou Day with us on 14th June if you are in South America, USA and Canada. 15th June at 2.00 am in the morning if you are in Europe and Africa.
Australia, I cant help you sort your own self out.

Kedjenou Day will be held by you on -
15th June 2.00 am
19th June 5.00 am
24th June 9.00 am

Eat, drink, be merry - take pictures - share with us on our Facebook page.
We shall be waiting. Tweet #foodball. Food and Football.

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