Little Baobab Senegalese Restaurant And Live Music May 2015

By West Africa Cooks, 18 May, 2015

A west African dinner and the black owned business Little Baobab, North East London run by chef Khadim and musician Abdoulaye Samb.

The London Taste of Africa Group visited Little Baobab restaurant on Saturday 16th May, 6:30 pm. This group aims are to bring people together through celebrating food from across Africa and African culture. You can sign up to this group by searching the website Past events have included an African cooking class, a trip to Paris to visit Senegalese restaurants and London African restaurant dinning. Saturday showed people love eating Senegalese west African food in London, no need to go to Paris this time. If you are hungry for African food, drinks and live music you will be happy to mix socially at Little Baobab.

Khadim the manager cooks African food (North, west and east African) he also plays lead guitar. The restaurant has live music most nights, check on their website Little Baobab.

An African Dakar, Senegalese Menu

Traditional dishes. Eating Senegalese style meets to share your plate and experience with friends?
Mixed Mezze (tabouleh, hummus, spicy hummus, red pepper sauce, gherkins, stuffed vine leaves, olives, salad & pitta bread)
Fataya with hot sauce (Senegalese Samosa starter)
Yassa Chicken (spicy marinated chicken with onions, olives & rice)
Thiebou Dienne (fish & tomato rice casserole with yam, carrots & aubergines)
Lamb cutlets, green lentils, sundried tomato & rocket salad, ajillo dressing
Vegetarian Mvoum
Natural Juices:
Home-made Senegalese juices, bursting with natural goodness and health benefits.
Bissap Juice: the dried blossoms of the Hibiscus bush are called bissap in Senegal. This bright red juice is an ideal thirst quencher
Ginger Juice: made purely of ginger and lime
Baobab (bouye) Juice: made from the baobab fruit, and packed with minerals and antioxidants

Comments From The Night

Brilliant. And the guys only opened the restaurant 4month will only get better !!!
Great food. Great music. Very nice people.
Had a great night , good food, good music great company and 5 star host thanks.. will be coming back.
Thank you very much ..for choosing a fantastic restaurant.The food was amazing and the live music was off the hook.

Thanks for organizing this meetup ... Thoroughly enjoyed it and meeting the group
Had a good eve, great food and nice peeps. Look forward to the next one. M.


What Is Baobab Fruit?

Billed as king of the superfruits. Naturally packed full of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. Velvet skin, the baobab feels like a coconut in the flush of youth - minus the long hairs.Inside its flesh is crammed full of vitamin C, calcium and antioxidants.

What Is Jollof Rice?

Ever wondered about the origins of Jollof Rice because most West African's cook it. Every state in West Africa claims that they invented Jollof Rice but more importantly every nation thinks that they make the best dish. Jollof Rice is an absolute must for any family or social occasion. Jollof Rice is made of long grain white rice, tomato stew, peppers, onions and seasoning.

Location: How To Get There

159 Lower Clapton Rd
E5 8EQ

Little Baobab
Nearest Overground Station: Clapton (10min walk), Hackney Downs (10min walk), Hackney Central (15min walk)


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