Monday 16 June is Naija Chop Day (Nigeria Vs Iran World Cup)

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By Nadia, 7 June, 2014

The first Naija Chop Day is on the Monday 16th June 8.00pm GMT!

This is the day you sit down to watch Nigeria vs Iran and EAT some serious Naija food. Nigeria is host to almost 170 million people. Do you know how many different tribes and food that incorporates? That's way too much to think about so why not celebrate Nigeria as one unit in the shadow of recent unfortunate events.

There's a lot to celebrate about Nigeria, despite the bad press and challenging times. It is their music, Afro-beats that invites young people all over the world to indulge and buy African music. It is their writer, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie that has challenged an international audience into reading the work of African writers on a different scale. It is their film industry that triggered the film industry in the West into acknowledging that a lucrative market in African film has existed for over a decade with no international help. It is their army recruits that helped quell the spreading war in Liberia and Sierra Leone in the 1990's. Africans have a lot to be grateful for when it comes to Nigeria and Nigerians.

West Africa Cooks would like to give a shout out - Respect to Nigeria and all hail to its people.

This is why whenever the Nigerian football team play in the World Cup we must call it Naija Chop Day and celebrate this defiant and enterprising nation by eating their food. Where ever you are, seek out an African Restaurant that serves Nigerian food during the month of June. If your not keen on the food, then raise your glass with some Star Beer to celebrate the team and the country.

The team are looking good but their friendlies have been a little lackluster. They need to improve their game and thrash Iran if they want to impress. Check the team out in the Daily Telegraph profile. Here's a picture of the squad for the ladies - the lookers from my point of view are the three men in the first row from the left - that includes the goalkeeper (women must have some eye candy when watching men run after a ball).

Naija Chop Day will take place on:
Nigeria vs Iran Monday 16th June - 8.00 pm GMT
Nigeria vs Bosnia and Herzegovina Saturday 21st June - 11.00 pm GMT
Nigeria vs Argentina Wednesday 25th June 5.00 pm GMT

Now that 'you are in the know', lets think about WHERE you can go and eat some decent Naija food in a decent Naija restaurant. You can celebrate Naija Chop Day in any of these locations around the world and let us know how you got on.

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