Sierra Leone's Chocolate

By West Africa Cooks, 26 December, 2011

I received a present which was of major interest Chocolate from Sierra Leone in a beautiful package designed for the English and western world markets.

This is what the marketing says on the packet.

"I discovered these beautiful beans in the Kailahun District of Sierra Leone. They grow in some of the richest terrain I've seen, and with their unique depth of flavour really put Sierra Leone back on the chocolate map. Created in my chocolate factory in England, this exotic square of chocolate hits you with the gentle heat of ginger, follows it up with a hint of lime, leaving you tasting simply delectable chocolate"

The marketing is all quality; package, colours and copy hitting the right market.

We all know cooking styles change from generation to generation. There are differences with how our parents ate and cooked back home? We were brought up on this food and the ethnic food market is growing in the developed world. But the single question remains. Why does West African cooking and food not sit along site Chinese or Italian food? Why are their so few books in the shops and libraries, there are also few quality branded food products, restaurants and cooking courses? We believe there is a need to bring quality marketing to the whole of West African cooking. This is the aim of this site.

Investments In West Africa

We need to follow the money. The money invested now buy China into newly rebuilt roads, schools and hospitals all over the west of Africa. There will be opportunities as well as threats with this new found increase in wealth in our mother countries, over the next decades to come. Will it all be fair? We may not be able to influence let alone control these developments. What West Africans either at home or aboard can and must do is shape the future of it's food, recipes and cooking on the global stage. This something no English or China man can do.

We would love your comments on this site. It is a long term project and you are invited to join us.
Image of Willie's Sierra Leone Ginger & Lime chocolate 50g

Manufacturer: Willie's Cocoa

West Africa Cooks

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