Reading The Palm Oil Stain And Eating At The Nivla Restaurant

By Nadia, 13 March, 2012

As we start to settle ourselves into 2012, I cannot help but look back at how much has been achieved with westafricacooks. I have met a lot of inspiring people and hope to meet a lot more...alongside becoming a 'paid' African Food taster and critique. There are many who would like this job, but I am the one who gets to keep it!

During the next couple of months our readers can look forward to more restaurant reviews and interviews, a variety of recipe's, healthy tips to keep away Heart Disease and Diabetes and free copies of 'The Palm Oil Stain' to give away.

This weekend on the 17th, I will be attending a charity event at the Nivla Restaurant in Camberwell, South East London. ( It is a Sierra Leonean restaurant that I have just been made aware of and now I share it with you. The Charity, Melqosh Mission ( are holding an Intimate Dinner Event in order to raise money for their school in Sierra Leone. The school's aim is to empower amputee women through providing Education and Skills, so they may become self sufficient. They asked me to donate 'The Palm Oil Stain' my debut novel as part of their raffle give away and I agreed.

Sierra Leonean Food

My speciality is eating Sierra Leonean food and so it will be interesting to go to a Sierra Leonean restaurant and try out what they have to offer. Will it taste like home cooked food or even better? Will the restaurant be fashioned in a way that it only caters to Africans? What does management think about breaking outside the box or is it better the devil you know? As with many African-Caribbean restaurants, they have the Monday - Friday set menus. I have checked out the rest of the menu and there are some varied dishes catering for the Caribbean community such as Curry Lamb/Goat, Jerk Chicken and they even go so far as to serve squid - which I love! They have even thought of their Nigerian brothers and sisters and provided translations for food such as Krain Krain - Ewedu, Olele - Moi Moi which is so sweet of them.......

The only disappointing thing so far is that they don't serve Star Beer which to me is Africa's No. 1 Beer!
I shall have to have Star Beer is celebrated in huge doses throughout 'The Palm Oil Stain'.

So if you are interested in attending the event - check out Melqosh Mission on Facebook or just turn up at 7.30pm and meet me for the first time. Tickets are £20 and all proceeds to go the school for the amputees.


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