Who Are Our African Foodie Superheroes?

By West Africa Cooks, 10 February, 2018

Engaged African adult and children desire a different story that is for them. They want female characters that would become icons to the African girl growing up to give them something to aspire to that they too can be heroes and it’s not an all male field. Black teenagers need black superheroes role models, a champion and more.

Many African food entrepreneurs are warriors, they are making up for the severe lack of positive images of black people in business and management. In effect they are modern day African Superheroes they are around us in our community and we sometimes don't seem to see them. Their powers can be hidden from us but we feel their effect. We know that there is at the top level of many industrial sectors and organisations a lack of diversity. The following is from sport. Jamaica's Jazmine Fenlator-Victorian spoke of the importance of being a role model for black children. The Bobsleigh star welled up as she said It's important for me that little girls and little boys see someone that looks like them, talks like them, has the same culture as them, has crazy curly hair and wears it natural, has brown skin, included in different things in this world. These African Superheroes are fighting for change in many areas like in the food industry.

To not fight is to accept the present situation. It is a fight for our minds, our economic freedom and social freedom.

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Six Supernatural Powers and Abilities Of An African Foodie Superhero

African music in Afro-beats is mainstream outside Africa, African fashion we see on the rise. In African food, recipes and cooking we see increased interest. Healthy African food ingredients used in West African cooking are now getting the respect and appreciation justly deserves outside Africa for the first time because of the benefits and variety promoted. Now young, hungry and talented chefs cooking these foods in Africa, America and the UK are starting up and scaling up their businesses. More are need but they need to be inspired, supported and encouraged. New talent need role models to look up to as real opportunities exist for this generation of African and Caribbean entrepreneurs. With this in mind let us look at what powers our current role model, our African Foodie Superheroes has together with their skills, abilities and traits needed to win. The African Foodie Superhero is mostly likely going to be female, but there are male Superheroes too. Our baseline hero example is a second generation black African woman living in America. She can be seen to be like a modern day Black Panther who is choosing to fight.

  • Strength. She has strong ties to family and friends. Her support is vital. The African Foodie Superhero need to work hard and carry heavy loads always in trying to build the future today. She is fearless and has the incredible strength of character to hit back after setbacks. Starting a life time business now is hard. It requires super human strength, pure power to push herself and others everyday. She looks after her health both physically and mentally which means she can channel her strength in the most efficient way. She promotes African Superfoods*.
  • Super Speed. Our hero is agile, fast thinking and fast acting. Getting to market before someone else, means taking risks and innovating. There is only one chance and speed is need to meet the demand for African food heritage before enemies steal the ideas. Growing the African food market quickly by using the most delicious, popular dishes is one of her missions. The Super Speed power is displayed in first class preparation planning and serve. She slows down time to get the meals in front of her customers fast.
  • Visibility. Using modern techniques like harnessing the power of social media for good to reach the market and been seen is her vision. Planning, experimenting with the market and getting feedback. Seeing visible and viable business opportunities tied to African foodie culture. Creating a long term revenue stream and being seen as a winner. It may take a life time from vision to dreams coming true, but she is dedicated, focused and passionate enough for the cause?
  • Social Awareness. The superheros have a love and enjoy cooking. They are aware of their awesome power to bring people together. Our hero has Empathic Perception. Powers are in connecting and engaging customers on all levels. She is awareness of the is a glass ceiling, diversity and inclusion are lacking at work in positions of power, in management. She is aware that there is a gender and ethnic pay gap. She sees gender pricing. This is not going to change anytime soon but our hero is socially aware of this and tries to change this in her business and searches for suppliers who hold her values.
  • Extreme Consciousness. Telling the African story as education is very important to her, so is her love of traditional food. Health consciousness, she values scientific nutritional knowledge, she has an understanding of flavour combinations, smell, texture, colour and taste. The ancient knowledge of African cooking has been passed down from mother to daughter She studies hard. She has many recipe cook books. She knows about the history of African food, southern cuisine and creole cooking, all roots stem from the motherland. She follows developments in Caribbean cooking in America, the UK and beyond. She acknowledges the huge power of the law. Selflessly she is saving lives, creating future employment for her family, empowering other women, she knows that she has a power over life and death for the next generation.
  • Endurance. Never retiring with an immortal life force keep her alive passing the legacy on are important missions. She is lively and complex. Our African Foodie Superheroes need to be all about marketing West African power through food first. She been wrestling with figures for years and knows the business of African cuisine. She knows how to make a profit. She is tough, a leader to the young and old. She does not read comic book stories, but writes her own African foodie stories. She says cook, eat and share African food today, tomorrow and always

Know this, African Foodie Superheroes will be tortured by loneliness and will be fighting everyday against her demons. Thoughts of giving up is always on her mind. It is a lonely journey for our African Foodie Superheroes this will be until they networking† internationally, support each other globally and form a league of African, Caribbean and African-American superheroes. An African Justice League or group of Black Foodie Avengers is required. Discuss! We would like to hear your views. Are you an African Foodie Superheroes? We want to hear from you.

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Who Are African Foodie Superheroes Enemies?

Big food business corporations are our African Foodie Superheroes Enemy.

So our people not only have to be re-educated to the importance of supporting black business, but the black man himself has to be made aware of the importance of going into business. And once you and I go into business, we own and operate at least the businesses in our community. What we will be doing is developing a situation wherein we will actually be able to create employment for the people in the community. And once you can create some employment in the community where you live it will eliminate the necessity of you and me having to act ignorantly and disgracefully, boycotting and picketing some place else trying to beg him for a job.

Anytime you have to rely upon your enemy for a job you’re in bad shape. Message From Malcolm X

Media images of food are everywhere of what we should eat. Fran Osseo-Asare believes that there is a negative image of African food. Eating snails from the French menu and you are celebrated; eat African snails and wow that is gross. Controlling food is an effective means to manipulate people. In wartime, aggressors attempt to cut off their enemies supply lines. Are we in wartime. The strategy of business marketing has often been described in war strategy terms. (Read Michael Porter’s articles business marketing strategy). Is this is what is going on?

Big business these corporations like †† KFCr*p, Mcshi&ty and Pizzahurt market fizzy drinks, ready meals and mass-produced processed food. They market salt, fat and sugar heavy foods prepared to optimise ease of consumption. They are hustlers. We are fighting the evil empire of Mcsh*&ty, which is fast, bad food and chicken food joints. These corporations make a 0% return on our long term lives. Yet we are slaves to their business model. They will never trade fairly with you and your community. Every pound we put on in weight is a dollar in their pocket. We need to reduce the dangerous effects to our children's health of overeating these foods and drinks.

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An Education In Food Power A Lesson In Marketing

Tactics of the anti-hero are to target you totally. They use fantastic, relentless marketing backed by millions and billions of dollars globally. The product is 1. cheap food loaded with salt, sugar and fat. The tactical weapon of mass destruction today is a meal deal. It is branded as wonderful. 2. The meals are priced low and can be kept low due to economies of scale. 3. In your neighbourhood and in your face. The brands are in all the right physical places. You can not miss them they are so very convenient, in prime locations, at rail stations, airports, out of town food malls. 4. Relentless advertising, promotions deals are everywhere. They are all over television, radio and the internet. They have political weight, we associate them with health and fitness because they sponsor high profile events in sports. Cigarette brands once did that. They defend the status quo without doubt to keep their power for themselves. This a battle for our hearts and minds, our money and our freedom. Our health and future are at stake.

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A Battle Between Good And Evil

When I grow up I want to be a manager at a fast food joint serving burgers. I have never heard any child say this. Yet this is were highly qualified people end up. Racism working behind the closed door in the boardroom, keeps people from reaching their dreams. Now ask yourself what did you do to ‪‎promote‬ ‪Africa‬ this past week? Your ‪heritage‬, culture‬, food‬, ‪business‬, ‪future‬ and ‪employment‬. But it is not enough just to promote we have to support good by buying, owning and passing on #Africa to the next generation. Underemployment and unemployment still persist in the African, Caribbean and African-American community. What does this mean. It means that companies and organisations do not wish to employ and invest in you, your family or community. Poor contracts, low pay, sexism, discrimination and racism are the evils our African Foodie Superheroes are battling.

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Superhero Weakness And The Flow Of Money In The Wrong Direction

The only things that big, powerful businesses in the Anglo Saxon West respects is money. So a flow of money away from your enemies, companies and organisations who see you as a meal ticket for themselves is what is recommended long term. KFCr*p, Mcshi&ty and Pizzahurt equals 0% investment return on your future. Best not to be their number one customer by spending your money on their low quality food and sugar drinks. That said it remains that our weakness for these foods is very high. We all have been influenced by this, we have to all put my hands up too. The marketing is so powerful. We are bullied by our peers to visit these places and made an outcast if we do not comply. It is the darkness and the light. It is this weakness which can neutralise our African Foodie Superheroes and render them useless.

Save money, resist spending it with people and organisations that do not care about you, your family or community. Create some employment in the community. African, Caribbean and African-American food/drinks/events related businesses, suppliers and supperclubs equals 100% investment return on your future. There is another grey area, however. If you have a pension, stocks and shares or insurance the chances are your money is invested in enemy territory. You need to know this. You need to take the profits toward your own or invest ethnically. We are all guilty of providing our enemies with fuel, just as the world's population in the 17th and 18th century did from African slavery. If you profit from these investment vehicles and you know it, you should think about reinvesting and spending your money in the long term with African Foodie Superheroes. During these times spend your money on Africa. Invest if you can afford it with African, Caribbean and African-American businesses of quality, cook for yourself and cook for others. Market to the European consumer.
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Mental Health, Physical Illness, Crime And Punishment

Lets make more of ourselves, lets discuss, create campaigns and competition among ourselves which will be inspiring to an African nation and the world. Through our campaigns we will create long term benefits. They will

  • Inspire new role models in the food and cooking business
  • Create wealth generation in the Pan-African community
  • Encourage International trade between the African diaspora and the Motherland
  • Enhance fair trade, share knowledge and education
  • Dissuade African economic migrates and refugees
  • Help tackle diseases like diabetes and hypertension and other conditions like mental illness
  • Reduce physical illness like obesity
  • Create chefs and give young people something to do of value
  • Cut crime and the need for punishment

The above will also save us all money too.

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Becoming An African Foodie Superhero And An Investment Return To Yourself

Underlining all this business and marketing noise African Foodie Superheroes Matters. Black lives matter. Where you spend your money matters. Good employment matters. So you knew and you didn't do anything about it. You didn't plan and you didn't execute a strategy to capitalise on this information to create wealth for the yourself and your community. Wake up start planning for this year, next year and beyond. Become an African Foodie Superheroes today.

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Six Suggestions On How to Become An African Foodie Superhero

  1. Visit West Africa and market travel, holidays and business trips there
  2. Design or buy African fashion and at your dinner parties wear African
  3. Through food and drink tell the African story and document the best diet in the world
  4. Start an African children's supperclub
  5. Teach your children how to cook and bake healthy African food
  6. Fast from fizzy drinks, ready meals and processed fast food

An African Foodie Superheroes is a force for good, a warrior battling big business everyday in a race to save the future. We salute you. Growing up I was told I can be anything I wanted to be but for people growing up who weren't told that, the African Foodie Superheroes will give them the belief 100%. Finally attend, support with your money and then give feedback to African, Caribbean and African-American Foodies Superheroes where you can.

Please contact leslie@westafricacooks.com for more on marketing.
West Africa Cooks

*The rise of African Superfoods a CNN article. Food talked about are teff, coconut, tamarind, hibiscus, moringa and baobab. A search on the World Health Organization: WHO site reports find that there are African superfoods which you need to be eating and drinking right now. see also A Taste Of Africa Food Glossary and West African Dishes.
†African networking online can really accelerate profitable business, company growth and sustainable enterprises, because of the low cost and effective way marketing can be implemented. If we look to the long term we have to own our heritage‬, culture and inspire independent African food business internationally.
†† KFCr*p, Mcshi&ty, Pizzahurt and Coca Killa (fat cats) are powerful experts in marketing. These corporations tap into decades of marketing expertise in psychology, buyer behaviour, law and statistical analytics. Teams pour over daily data which allows them to analyses then make strategic decisions. They fine tune the message in which to sell their goods and fiercely defend from attack the business model. The roots of KFCr*p go back to the deep American south and then back in time to Africa as the cooks came from Africa. Profits however stay with big Anglo Saxon business. Understand Coca Killa the sugar drink really is that.


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