Wolkite Kitfo Ethiopian Restaurant March 2015

By West Africa Cooks, 18 March, 2015

The London Taste of Africa Group visited Wolkite Kitfo Ethiopian Restaurant on Saturday 28th March, 6:30 pm. This group aims are to bring people together through celebrating food from across Africa and African culture. You can sign up to this group by searching the website www.meetup.com. Past events have included an African cooking class, a trip to Paris to visit Senegalese restaurants and London African restaurant dinning. Saturday proved successful in that it was a full house of hungry members.

The Ethiopian Menu: What You Can Eat At The Restaurant


  1. (KITFO) Very lean beef finely chopped, seasoned with Mitmita (Chile powder) warmed and spiced with butter served raw, medium or welldone.
  2. (SPECIAL KITFO) Kitfo served with gomen kitfo (spiced finely chopped spring green) and Zimamujat (homemade cheese mixed with gomen kitfo)
  3. (FINTAFINTO) Special gurage traditional kitfo and the specialty of wolkite.
  4. (GORED GORED) Extra tender row chunks of beef mixed with special spiced butter.
  5. (ZILZIL TIBS) Grilled Long strips of beef seasoned with a touch of garlic, onion, rosemary and spiced butter.
  6. (DERAK TIBS) Grilled shreds of beef seasoned with garlic, black pepper, onion, green chilies and a touch of rosemary served on injera (flat bread)
  7. (QEY WOT) Tender and flavorful Beef stew cooked in ber bere sauce and other spices served on injera (flat bread)
  8. (ALICHA WOT) Curried Beef stew cooked with exotic spices served on injera (flat bread)
  9. (QUANTA FIRFIR) Dray beef stew cooked in spice sauce and pieces of injera served on injera (flat bread)
  10. (AGELGL) Kitfo, alicha wot, key wot and boiled egg served on injera.

Beef & Lamb

  1. (DULET) Trip and beef cut in small pieces and cooked with onion, green pepper and butter served with injera.
  2. (MAHIBERERAWI) Combination of beef, lamb vegetables dishes and homemade cottage cheese sered on injera (flat bread)


  1. (AWAZIE TIBS) Tender, marinated pieces of lamb cooked with spices sauce, peppers, onions, garlic, tomato, a touch of rosemary served on injera (flat bread)
  2. (AWAZIE TIBS FIRFIR) Awazie tibs cooked with pieces of injera.
  3. (LAGA TIBS) Tender, marinated pieces of lamb cooked with peppers, onions, garlic, tomato, a touch of rosemary and other spices, served on injera (flat bread)
  4. (LAGA TIBS FIRFIR) Laga tibs cooked with pieces of injera.
  5. (YEBEG KIKIL) Curried lamb stew cooked with exotic spices mixed with bits of injera served on injera (flat bread)
  6. (GOMEN BE SIGA) Lamb with bone cooked with spring green, herbed butter, garlic, ginger, onions, and green pepper.
  7. (RUZ BE SIGA) Rice with curried tender, marinated pieces of beef or lamb cooked with peppers, onions, garlic, tomato and a touch of rosemary. Served with salad.
  8. (GODIN TIBS) Sizzling ribs of lamp fried with onion, green chili, a touch of rosemary and other spices, served on injera (flat bread)
  9. (BOZENA SHIRO) Roasted chickpeas with lamp jerk stew cooked with exotic spices and peppers served on injera (flat bread)




  1. (DORO WOT) Exquisitely flavoured and spicy chicken stew simmered in ber bere sauce. Served with boiled eggs and home made cottage cheese served on injera (flat bread)
  2. (DORO WOT FIRFIR) Doro cooked with pieces of injera.


  1. (TEGABINO) Finely ground roasted chickpeas, simmered in a combination of spices served with injera.
  2. (GOMEN KITFO) Spiced, finely chopped spring green leaves.
  3. (ZIMAMUJAT) Homemade cheese mixed with goman kitfo.
  4. (RUZ BE ATKILT) Rice with curried tender, combination of vegetables, a touch of rosemary and other spices. Served with salad.
  5. (YETSOM BEYAYNETU) Combination of vegetables such as collared greens, cabbage, carrot, split peas, red lentils and string beans, server with injera
  6. YETSOM KITFO) Vegan kitfo.
  7. (YETSOM DULET) Vegan dulet.
  8. (MISIR WOT) Split lentil cooked with a blend of Ethiopian spices.
  9. (ALICHA WOT) Yellow split peas cooked with Ethiopian special turmeric sauce.
  10. (GOMAN) Spring greens simmered with garlic and other spices.
  11. (ATKILT) A delicious mix of fresh vegetables simmered with onions, garlic and other herbs.


  1. (QOCHO)
  2. (TIMATIM SALAD) Ethiopian style salad: tomatoes, onions and chili pepper mixed with lemon and other spices.
  3. (SALAD) Tomatoes, Lettuce, Cucumber, Olive mixed with spices.
  4. (SENGE)

What Did The Members Choose For Their Evening Meal?

  • Edward: Main = Special Kitfo (2)
  • Gunther: Main = Special Kitfo (2)
  • Stephane: Main = Special Kitfo (2)
  • Yvonne: Main = Fintafinto (3)
  • Margaret: Starter = Zilzil Tibs (5), Main = Atkilt (35)
  • Veronica: Starter = Zilzil Tibs (5), Main = Salad (38)
  • Jen: Starter = Zilzil Tibs (5), Main = Atkilt (35)
  • June: Main = Derak Tibs (6)
  • Ama: Main = Alicha Wot (8)
  • Dennis: Main = Mahibererawi (12)
  • Tosin: Main = Awazie Tibs (13)
  • Rukiya: Main = Laga Tibs (15)
  • Tosin's Guest: Main = Laga Tibs (15)
  • Moks: Main = Ruz Be Siga (19)
  • Jo: Main = Ruz Be Siga (19), Side = Timatim Salad (37)
  • H: Main = Bozena Shiro (21)
  • Lucy: Main = Doro Wot (23)
  • Vada: Main = Doro Wot (23)
  • Fidelia: Main = Yetsom Beyaynetu (vegetarian) (29)
  • Leslie: Main = Doro Wot Firfir (24), Side = Timatim Salad (37)
  • The London Taste Of Africa Meetup Event

    For pictures of the London Taste of Africa Group enjoying happy times, see facebook images and like the page. Please send in your comments.

    Wash Your Hands And Eating With The Right Hand

    Traditionally, Ethiopian food is eaten with the hands. What no knife and fork! So wash your hands and use the right hand to feed when ready to eat. This is done by tearing off some injera and using it to scoop up some food and then eat all of it. The drink to eat with the food is Mess a honey wine.

    Comments From The Night

    I really enjoyed meeting new people and the food I ate
    Fantastic evening...food and company!
    Not sure about this restaurant. In my opinion, I think they were overwhelmed by numbers even though they had our orders before. Some you win and some you lose
    Great food and a really lovely group of people
    Great night, people and food


    What Is Injera?

    This is Sourdough-risen flatbread with a spongy texture. It is made with grain called teff. Teff is most commonly grown in the Ethiopian highlands. Injera makes up 2/3 of the diet in Ethiopia.

    Nutritional Benefits of Teff

    Teff is an excellent source of protein, amino acids and fibre. It is higher in calcium and iron content than wheat, rice, oats or millet. It is gluten-free grain, low in sodium, bad fat, and cholesterol. Other countries growing teff include United States, (specifically, Kansas and Idaho), Australia, The Netherlands and India.


    Beg are lamb Dishes. Bere are beef Dishes
    Gomen (Spring Greens)
    Fosolia (Carrots, potatoes & beans cooked with onions & garlic)

    Tadu Ethiopian Kitchen Ethiopian Etiquette

    Location: How To Get There

    Wolkite Kitfo Ethiopian Restaurant, 82 Hornsey Road, Holloway, N7 7NN

    Nearest Tube Station: Arsenal, Holloway (Piccadilly Line)
    Nearest Tube Station: Finsbury Park (Victoria Line)


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