Zoe's Ghana Kitchen Supperclub A Taste Tour

By West Africa Cooks, 18 November, 2016

It's GhanaBeTasty, it's going to be special too. Billed as a five course taste tour of Zoe's Ghanaian cookbook, Zoe Adjonyoh's supperclub was tasty and it was fun. We do like the magical atmosphere under the low level lighting, feels like your eating inside a themed wonderland tent. If you are going to book a meal at the south London venue anticipate that you are in for a great night, dinning on traditional African cuisine. Very cosy. Here is our review of our evening.

On arrival at the top floor restaurant in pop Brixton all foodie were treated to a welcome drink. After all the guests had arrived Zoe formally welcomed us, she then gave us all an explanation of hat dishes were going to be served plus the inspiration behind them; adding that the food was fresh, healthy and we were encouraged to share. She told us that the five courses are recipes to be featured in her new cook book to be published in April 2017.

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Autumn Supper Club In Brixton

Turning ideas into business is hard work, requiring a vision, detailed planning and action. Zoe had a dream of creating a permanent restaurant business out of her supperclub and popup ventures which began over 5 years ago. She now has this venue and it seems like a success. It has been about building a brand up called Zoe's Ghana Kitchen from scratch. The journey from a supperclub to a permanent fixed space involves kitchen space design, thinking about dining areas to cater for a maximum number of customers and staffing numbers to resource the establishment. Then there is marketing and budgeting different from before. You have to get all this right and more, plus deliver excellent customer service every night to attract repeat business. It is important for us to *support the business like this when we can. On that note I would like to say that the service was very good. Zoe has a chance to converse with us all about her up coming book; visiting Africa and her desire to learn more from African chefs and cooks. Zoe is always looking to develop new recipes by showcasing her Ghanaian heritage with modern menus ideas. Inspiration comes from Africa. So what was on the menu this evening?

  • Nkarra - Chicken Light Soup w/ fufu
  • Whole Baked Tilapia with Kenkey and Kpakpo Shito
  • ​Ghana Dahl
  • ​Banku crisps w/shito
  • Kelewele
  • Dessert - Chin Chin Banofee Pie

Lots of African drinks to choose from including star beers, gulder lager and palm wine.

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Modern African Cuisine With Friends

What did we think? Well the starter was delicious. The texture and colour for the lively first dish set the tone. If you love some heat in the form of pepper this one is for you. The fufu is the contrast to the soup which is smooth, plain and filling.

The feast continued with a ​Ghana Dahl and Banku crisps. The banku crisps are light and make a good snack before the main meal which was a whole baked tilapia with kenkey to share with a guest. I could have eating this all evening long. It was not to be I had to give up the plate. My eating partner really liked the kenkey so did I. The dessert of Chin Chin Banofee Pie was a delight to finish with as a person that does not really like banana that flavour was toned down. Love Chin Chin make west African sweet snacks. That was it. As food lovers together we explored new African dishes we had not eaten before, discovered how these menu pieces could enhance other flavours and overall enjoyed eating in each others company. The only downside to the night at this venue are the seating directions which does not allow you to chat with all guests since I like making new friends. Overall though I believe all had a great time in Zoe's company and would recommend to other lovers of supperclubs.

Reviews By Other Guests

Great fun times! One of the best food outing I've had this year. Tokunbo Tokunbo's Kitchen
Had a great time. Thoroughly enjoyed it Aderonke Lawal Who's For Dinner?


Who Is Zoe Adjonyoh?

Chef, entrepreneur, and cookbook author. London has an exciting talented young chef Zoe Adjonyoh. By creating the brand Zoe's Ghana Kitchen Zoe has set up catering at events and at venues in both London and Berlin offering modern African cuisine.


Restaurant Pop Brixton
Zoe's Ghana Kitchen
Unit 36 49 Brixton Station Road, Brixton, London SW9 8PQ
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