Lungi Airport, Snapper And Star Beer

By West Africa Cooks, 6 April, 2013

Corruption, Waiting and Potholed Dirt Tracks

So you arrive in Freetown, West Africa in the early morning at the Lungi international airport safety from a British Airport night flight from London. In March it's hot and sticky it's 6am. Be prepared for being asked for money as the first foot hits the ground. The passport official was the first. I'll be your best friend now give me some money he said. You are dazed and don't expected it. Welcome to Africa.

VSL Company

Look for your bag. Get yourself picked up by VSL company, see Then wait for a water taxi to arrive if you were last off the minbus. Tip $1 on this side of the river which separates you from the city tip on the other after taking water taxi express 35 min for the crossing. Disembark from boat at Aberdeen bridge, Freetown. Get met by a man holding a sign with your name. Car drive on bumpy road to Hotel Barmoi. Drive through Aberdeen road to hotel. Lots of shacks, people are poor. $1 tip for driver. Check into hotel. Get your money changed, best to do this via a local person for best exchange money rate in dollars or pounds to local currency Leones.

Snapper with Rice

Try the fresh fish snapper and rice with Star beers. It's hot in the sun. So first day stay in shade. Rub insect repellent on.

Star Beer

It's getting dark at 18:45. Football if you love that is on room hotel television together with krio channel. A couple more Star beers. Watch the sunset. The Wi-fi is good so home from home.

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