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Peanut Sauce

Submitted by suzanne on Wed, 2015-08-26 21:47


6 Servings
Prep time
20 minutes
Cooking time
50 minutes
Total time
1 hour, 10 minutes


Popular sauce across all Africa and also some Asian countries with different variations


peanut butter
salt and pepper


Every time I have to cook something African for a non-African this is the one. All my guinea pigs loved my peanut stew. Peanut sauce must be from everywhere and nowhere since no one fights for it likewise Jollof rice.
As most the recipes I might bring here, there are as much peanut sauces as there are households in Sub-Saharan Africa. Mine tastes different every time. I guess the sauce is a reflection of your mood that given day.

If I can cook then REALLY any one can cook.
You are free to adapt this recipe
Burning a pot is part of the experience or not!
No exact science here
Your mouth is required because well I’m not very good with quantities

Now what do we need:
1 chicken or more (how much do you have in your bank account?)
Peanut butter: no added sugar
2 tomatoes
2 onions
Salt & pepper
Peanut oil or something else
Fresh chilli or powder
Dried crayfish (optional, but it makes a difference)
Fresh ginger or powder

Now let’s cook
Well just put everything in the pot and stir it for 30 minutes and you’re done.
Easy peasy. Just messing with you!

It’s time to follow my orders and trust me!

Cut the chicken in pieces, wash it
Put them aside in a bowl with salt & pepper
Wash the crayfish, mix it and put it aside
(don’t you dare rinse the blender after, so much crayfish juice in there)
Cut onions tomatoes and ginger in chunk pieces
Mix all of it together (in the same blender yes!) then put aside
Heat up oil in a pan (a big one)
When it’s hot, glaze the chicken pieces then put aside
When all chicken pieces are done, put in the pot the crayfish with lower heat
When it starts boiling, add on the onion/tomato/ginger mix
Add salt & pepper; stir with wooden spatula
Add the chicken pieces and water; stir again
Cover the pot and let cook for 20minutes
Take a glass of wine/beer anything you like
Have a break but not too long
Now back to the kitchen
In a bowl mix 2 to 3 soupspoons of peanut butter with water until it’s completed diluted
Add the mixture and chilli to the pot; stir again
Cover the pot and let cook for another 10min
Take another break but…
Stir now and then because peanut tends to stick to the pot
All along tastes the sauce to season it as needed
Chicken well cooked ??? Leave it another 10 minutes, low heat
Taste it again. Tastes good?? It’s ready

You can eat it with boiled rice, boiled plantain.
Need another recipe to cook those?

Enjoy your meal!
Drink responsibly to this small victory!

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