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Rice Balls (Sierra Style)

Submitted by West Africa Cooks on Tue, 2013-07-02 20:59


6 Servings
SourceWhat's Cooking Today by Muriel Emekunle Davies
Prep time
30 minutes
Cooking time
30 minutes
Total time
1 hour


Eggs, flour and bread crumbs are used for coating


2 cups
egg yolks
2 ounces
fish (cooked)
1 tablespoon
butter (or margarine)
2 tablespoons
onion (chopped)
eggs (coating)
floor (coating)
bread crumbs (coating)
groundnut oil (for frying)


How to make Rice Balls Sierra Style?
1. Pick and wash rice.
2. Boil in salted water till grains are soft. Drain.
3. Mash and combine with egg yolks and cooked fish, in a mixing bowl.
4. Saute or fry chopped onion in butter or margaring lightly. Add to rice mixture with parsley. Season well.
5. Form into small balls.
6. Beat eggs with a fork until well blended. Roll rice balls in flour and then in beaten egg. Coat with bread crumbs, and chill for about 1/2 hour.
7. Heat oil and fry a few rice balls at time until golden brown. Drain well on kitchen paper.
8. Serve for breakfast.


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