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Travelling To The West African City Freetown

Submitted by West Africa Cooks on Fri, 2013-02-15 22:38
Foods of Sierra Leone and Other West African Countries

Foods of Sierra Leone and Other West African Countries: A Cookbook by Rachel C.J. Massaquoi

Traveling to Freetown in Sierra Leone from the UK requires preparation, it is not like your summer camp, yearly vacation to the coast or package holiday to Florida or Spain.

How Do You Get To Sierra Leone?

Check book flight. British Airways fly there do it all online.
Check search for accommodation. Two option available. Hill Station or Hotel Barmoi.
Check get your visa sorted out, pay first then drop off visa form and passport wait inline. For an American visa you can do this all online.
Check what happens after flight when we land. How to get to the capital from the airport. Hover craft, or ferry sorted. Will be tough journey from the airport to the hotel. Six hour flight, then travel across the river and more before the arrival home or the hotel. So how do we get to the Hotel from the ferry terminal. Remember the strong smells, the raw nature of Africa, hot dusty. It is alive, vibrant and beautiful. Not watered down diluted or sterilised.

Mosquito Repellant

Mosquito repellant apply on the plane. Keep taking the malarial tables, carry a bottle of water fill it up on the plane.
Check got my money belt on and need to change these dollars into Leones. Got my little torch if the lights go out or when the power goes off. Will be noisy at night as the generator will be on for the air conditioner. Check on the land, see the folks and eat the Krio food.

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