Travelling In Freetown, West Africa

By West Africa Cooks, 13 August, 2013

For breakfast at the hotel had beans, chicken stew (hot ish), cous cous and paw paw with pineapple. Nice chop, although for the western market. Take a shower and went for a walk on Lumley beach. Drove through Aberdeen with our driver onto Congo Cross and getting down to business, which is land, property and ownership. It is a hot topic since the civil war and peace that has followed.

A Day In Freetown, Sierra Leone

A lot dustier in Freetown. Red dust on cars. Roads are like a free for all. Motor bikes are crazy. All seems to work though. At Sander street. There an accountant is looking for opportunities to expand working with international clients as the local partner. Business has taken off in the past few years and the money has been reinvested in the property in prime location Sander street. Secure windows, painted all round and a new generator installed.

Gated houses along Lumley and Lebanese food

Driver took us to supermarket. Got Star beers, nuts and water melon. Cheap for the tourist less than $10 or £8. Wow. Back to hotel. Giving away gifts like t shirts to smooth transactions. Driver gets one. Walk on Lumley beach again looking for outside place to eat. Little options really. Had beer in Lebanese beach bar and check out the Lebanese food, KEBBE (Lebanese Meatballs). Nice waitress after serving us drinks she showed us the gated, expensive houses opposite Lumley beach.

Land Land Land


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