Cosmetic Surgery - Pros And Cons

By West Africa Cooks, 10 December, 2019

What Is Cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is the changing of ones appearance by a surgeon who is an expert in the organs of the body such as the *skin, muscle and bone using medical reconstruction so as to improve the appearance of the person having the procedure performed on them. Medical reconstruction is a serious procedure to put your self through; nevertheless there are pros and cons to cosmetic surgery.

So what are these pros and cons to cosmetic surgery?

Pros Of Cosmetic Surgery

There are some major pros to cosmetic surgery, the first use and the biggest reason I can see to why it is a benefit is when it is used after an individual has suffered from facial disfigurement. War, civil accidents and disease are were cosmetic surgery is used positively.

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Disfigurement Of An Individual Due To War

The disfigurement of an individual can occur at anytime for many reasons. These could be due to war. Major injury can be inflicted on a soldier on the battlefield. This could be facial or any part of the combatant’s body. Limbs have been damaged through out history in countless conflicts. During this time extensive techniques have been developed through research to improve an individual life after they have returned to civilian life.

We can repair him or her? We can rebuild them. The repairs to a person’s body can be more that skin deep it can be muscle and bone on top of skin. This means the cosmetic surgeon must work along side the other experts in their field. Professional standard are then raised in medicine. Today if you have suffered from a major facial disfigurement it can be possible to have a full face transplant. This is a marvel of modern science and medicine.

Accidental Injury In Civilian Life

These come in many forms of accidental injury from road, to fire or attacks from say acid. Burns can be very traumatic for an individual, which may affect a person’s quality of life negatively, if steps are not taken to use cosmetic surgery to change the person appearance.

Birth Defects And Disease

Secondly and no less important are disfigurements due to disease before birth or in the course of a person’s life. This may require cosmetic surgery. Cancer is a frighten disease which once cured can still live a mark on an individuals which can make the quality of the person’s life difficult if not addressed. Cosmetic surgery can address this positively means a person can hope for better opportunities and put the past pains of the fear of disease behind them. It can be like a fresh start. This can be the same for multiple skin conditions due to disease or genetics too. Nipple and muscle reconstruction after breast cancer or hair removal due to hormone imbalance are example of positive cosmetic surgery due to disease and biological defects.

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Skin Problems

As a child grows up and becomes and adult the body produces hormones which can effect a person in a negative way on the skin of the face. Severe disorder of the skin can mean cosmetic surgery is needed on a teenage suffering for anxiety due to extreme acne or scares. The NHS will be called upon to suggest remedies to these disorders.

Cosmetic Surgery As A Science, Technology And Business

Cosmetic surgery can be a force for good as many types of research in science and technology are required, from biology of the skin in animals, to the mechanics of how muscles work and pigments of our bodies. All this knowledge is valuable and people are will to pay for these skills and knowledge. A recognised top surgery can make lot of money for their services. Cosmetic surgery is used in the NHS and well as privately so a person can develop their career in the field and an industry can bring in revenue for a country. Foreigners from around the world travel to the UK specifically for treatment in the countries hospitals and clinics, and whilst there they may opt for cosmetic Surgery too. The convenience of these types of operations are both a pro and con for people looking for a face lift in order to look younger. Let us look at more of the negatives.

Cons Of Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is a medical operation that has for many years been used to make a person look younger, make a person look a different race or used to disguise a person. Let us firstly look at body image as a reason to have cosmetic surgery then consider what happens if thing go wrong.

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An Acceptable Face And Body Image

What is normal? What is acceptable? What is acceptable in the place of work or at college and school? Is beauty in the eye of the beholder who has been conditioned to seeing Western white Caucasian standards of beauty are dominating the world, due to the narrative created by white Caucasian owners of the media channels. From TV to cinematic films and advertising white faces are seen by the masses every day. If you don’t use these channels then watch out they will be coming for you on your pc, tablet or mobile phone. If until we have a majority of owners of these media channels being anything other than white European we will not see a change in what is beautiful and acceptable.

White beauty as a standard to be judged by has been the mainstay since the invention of television and films. The image is in mass catalogue totally billions of hours of content. The images are in cartoons and print as well as books, magazine and newspapers. Historically this is very hard to ignore for anybody. What this means is that a society can be conditioned to believe the perfect image is white. It means that if a citizen looks like the people on TV they are acceptable.

Self esteem can be low if your are a woman or a man from African or Caribbean descent constantly bombarded by a sea of whiteness. The colour of your skin is something that a person may try to lighten of they feel it is too dark to fit in. The other changes a person may make involve straighten curls of the hair to the European type. All these changes could lead a person to then consider cosmetic surgery if they still feel that they do not fit into the western world.

Having said that attitudes are changing, but it will still take some generations for real progress in accepting all races, colours and ethnic traits as normal is all walks of life.

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Is A Butt Lift Right For You?

The most ‡requested forms of cosmetic surgery are nose adjustments commonly know as a "nose job"; breast enlargements with implants; facelifts this is the stretching of the face skin to remove wrinkled skin; hair implants for men going bald; bottom enhancement commonly called the butt lift; tattoo removal and hair removal. Eaten to much, get a tummy tuck, therefore there is no need for a diet. Marketing is making us all believe there are no limits to body self improvements and it is easy to get.

The exaggerated features of women of colour are all over the internet such as in images of the big round female bottom. Depending who you are following on social media you can seen these women all the time and they are looking for your approval whether you are a black man or black woman. The awareness of business to exploit this means you need to turn to cosmetic surgery to achieve this look.

So cosmetic surgery has been used for a Chinese girl to widen her eyes, a woman of African heritage woman to change her the appearance of her nose or Asian lady to increase the size of her breasts. All these are reason to fit in, to be accepted in the white man’s world or into European culture.

Death, Unregulated Industry

The number one negatives for cosmetic surgery is that the procedure can go wrong, for instance. It can be a disaster if the operation is not undertaken by the most experienced surgeon in a reputable clinic. There are risks associated with medical operations there could be unknown side effects leading to minimal temporary aliments at best to disability or death at worst. If you can not afford a Harley street world renowned surgeon you may opt for a "fly by night" cheap operator to do the job. Cosmetic surgery is expensive to fund so as acclaimed private practices which service the celebrities of the world. If you are going to go under the knife make sure the practice is reputable through qualification and association of professional bodies. Has the industry been sufficiently regulated, for this reason you should know your legal rights if things go wrong.

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The Skin Is Wonderful

In summary, the skin is a wonderful organ and has a fantastic capacity for repair, but if through no fault of your own you may opt for cosmetic surgery due to disfigurement cause by an accident as an example. Here it can be marvelous for the person's self confidence. There is however an aggressive form of cosmetic surgery marketing that can push perfectly normal people to believe that only an operation of this type will improve their quality of their life. If you look old you can look young again, if you breast are not large enough you can get big boobs and there is no doubt all this is possible if you can afford it. What you must realise is that operation which are not needed can go wrong.

Positive face and body images for all ages, colours and races are needed to push back on the industry. There is a need for self esteem enhancement in individuality, have said that attitudes are changing. To accelerate this change we need to see better representation in all position is media organisations for us all to recognise that each of us are beautiful in our unique way and for us to try and accept diversity in all it's forms.

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  9. Is A Butt Lift Right For You?
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  11. The Skin Is Wonderful
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See Public Health England for more on cosmetic surgery regulation of cosmetic interventions; quality and safety; breast implants and anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL); calls to curb cosmetic surgery sales techniques and more.

*The skin, soft outer tissue, three main functions: protection, regulation, and sensation

‡Top And Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery Procedures
In on particular order the most requested forms of cosmetic surgery are:

  • Tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty)
  • Liposuction
  • Eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty)
  • Nose reshaping (Rhinoplasty)
  • Breast augmentation


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