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Is Fast Food The Main Cause Of Obesity?

Submitted by leslie on Wed, 2019-11-06 18:02

Fast food shops are everywhere in the less affluent areas of the United Kingdom's towns and cities targeting young adults. The question is are fast food the main cause of obesity?

The main theme of this article looks at these areas:

  1. Socioeconomic status
  2. Business money to be made
  3. Modern Culture

1. Socioeconomic Status

Educational attainment

figure obtained from
show us this

Education is a major factor

lead on to point 3.
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2. Business Money To Be Made

Powerful marketing has been used over the years with huge spend driving the business objectives which are selling more food at the fastest pace possible. They are going to ram it down your face.



e.g chicken burger+fries+ drink
low or poor quality food
sugar, calories high, fat, low in fibre
-sugar in drinks fizzy/sweetened or milkshakes

Big massive powerful global players with distrubution channel on a huge scale. Involved in sport


Counter act sugar tax from Public Health England (PHE) which is monitering the industry and attempts to regulate. Money as income goes to action on sugar and tacaling childhood obesity.


Always using price points. Just under the pound at the physological points of .99 e.g £2.99 or £6.99
easy to buy
Credit cards
Instore apps
Mobile apps
Speed in getting your cash. high turnover in the objective. Upselling
Customer data feedback and analysis

After school 3.00 to 4.30 highest sales
Important time to advertiser and promoter


Lots of big images, slim people eating looking healthy, happy, never a big fat child from an African background who is the major target.

Use of slogans like "for your chick fix"
Use of simple language. Special offer use of magic gurellia marketing words. Free drink
Childrens parties held there. (peer pressure)

Location of fast food shops

Corner shops for the big chains
High footfall
Local independence on a route from the bus stop to the school or college
chicken shop in the high street
High concentration in the community
Easy access to the images and shops

Councils need money so regulations are based on short term policy cycles as there are lower sources of income generated from outside a borough compared to more affulent boroughs and counties.

Leads on to point 3.
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3. Modern Culture And Food

Why target children and young adults?
Target is children, young growing up adults hunger after school, becomes a habit, peer pessure used to influence and create dependency and a lack of cooking skills enhances this. If a business can achieve a high level of influence on a child at an early age a revenue stream can be created for a long time as the child grows up into adulthood.

Fast food is cool

Birthday parties in store as a treat for good behavior

Fast Food Versus A Cooking For Yourself Culture

Here we compare and contract the difference between two cultures.

Fast Food Culture Cooking For Yourself
Food source unknown, out sourced Wanting to know what is in your food, in house
Waste Valued, wasteless
Quantity over quality Quality over quantity
Big portions Small meals
Dependence Artist, creative, innovation
Simple options, static Varied complex recipes, risk and change
Lack of choice Endless combinations
Fuel for now An experience in flavour, smell and colour
Box set in front of laptop Dinning parties, with family and friends
Dependency, addiction Independent

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Government Tackling Knife Crime

Is it wise to use the chicken box to get the message across to children about the harm of knife crime? Marketing money has been paid by the tax payer to design and launch this campaign. It can be argued that the bigger killer it the chicken box.


In summary I believe fast food is one of the main causes of obesity as data points this out. It is of course not the only reason but one of the main ones alongside the following:

lack of physical excersise
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Cooking For Yourself

Good luck
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