African Christmas Hamper 2014

By West Africa Cooks, 5 November, 2014

What comes into your mind when someone talks to you about receiving a Christmas hamper? Images of fine wines, champagne perhaps or spirits fill your thoughts, together with delicious sauces, rich cakes, luxury chocolates or biscuits, roasted nuts all wrapped up in a decorative festive wicker basket with strong leather handles a gift to indulge in. Delivered to your door umm. Lavish, delicious and beautiful, everyone enjoys a treat at Christmas.

Maybe I can send one this year your thinking. You then maybe think about the stores on main street such as Harrods, Macy, Fortnum and Mason that you could see one or you may try to research and purchase online. After this the price may come into your mind if you are buying for friends or family. What the heck, just blow the budget. If you are going to purchase a Christmas hamper, why not spoil your loved ones with a hamper which is going to impress! Willie's Sierra Leone Ginger & Lime chocolate now not on sale.

Christmas Hamper

Well we wish you now to throw all of that out of the window and imagine what an African Christmas hamper would be like. Over the past few years this website has highlighted some classic, quality food products from the great continent. We are now compiling the best of.. in celebration all things African. Origins from Africa, inspired by the African continent, influenced by Africa.

Cross a Gift Off Your List One Year from Now

The year is 2015 and you are about to order. The following are examples of brands you may have heard of which could go into the hamper of the future.

Do you see Shito; Pepper and Stew Products; these African sauce brands are available at Harrods. The Modern African-Inspired Cuisine of Bim's Kitchen is this in there? Bim's Kitchen make curry sauces, hot sauces, condiments and marinates. Which African Drinks? go into the hamper? Will we see African Tea (Hibiscus Tea from Senegal)? Do we include palm wine? Jamaican rum? Where does the hamper come from? Maybe you would like to include an African cook book like Afro-Vegan: Farm-Fresh African, Caribbean, and Southern Flavors Remixed or Flavors of India & Africa. You may prefer fair trade, ethical, independent, organic, vegan or vegetarian, gluten free, spices only or wines only.

You maybe an African coffee and tea connoisseurs, so maybe an African coffee in your choice! Consider value, ethnics niche food products and good branding. We are going to have fun, with an open discussion on social media on what could be included in these gifts by tweeting #Africanhamper. Jollof or Wolof rice? or Fufu (foo foo)? Is Rice bread in there? Cassava Chips? Cold meats.. What about bushmeat? slices of umm delicious ground-pig remember what they said about London's Ridley market and the ebola story. Why not cooked giant snails? Suggest more examples of what could go in. Would you suggest free delivery?

We have two price points

Ultimate African and Caribbean Hamper $100 or £60

Luxurious treats indulgence in a strong wicker basket
Fine wine and a sparkling wine
Pantry Christmas cake
African festive cushion
Hand cream
Cook book
Spa shower gel

Festive African and Caribbean Hamper $50 or £30

Truly African in a wicker tray
Palm Oil
Plantain Fufu
Coconut Milk
Hot sauces
Star beer

African Food Drink and Products

We would like to hear about your African and Caribbean food, drink and luxury brands. Show case West African Gambian, Ghanaian, Sierra Leonean, Cameroonian, Côte d'Ivoire, Ivory Coast and Nigerian sauces, Jamaican, Barbadians or Bajans, Bajans rum, Caribbean cakes, Senegalese and Somalian teas, Kenyan, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Ugandan, Rwanda Masaka/Maraba and Tanzanian coffees, South African wines, North African, Moroccan Arabic, Liberian, Egyptian and Algerian food delicacies, Zambian, Sudanese, Haitian, AfroLatino, Cajun, Guyana and Creole brands.

The finding of these discussions can then go into a year long project to produce the real thing if their is wider consumer interest and business support. So maybe by Christmas 2015 you can order the real gift. So now over to you think exclusive, think African and also Caribbean, think luxury. Support African and Caribbean business, support Africa farmers, support fair trade.

Let the African festive fun begin!
Merry Christmas

West Africa Cooks
Leslie Editor

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BREAKING NEWS Eat Jollof London Christmas Hampers Coming Soon! 14th Nov 2014
Now available to order! from 4th Dec 2014
Other African brands to consider Yswara Signature teas, Sierra Leone's Chocolate by Willie's. Good African produce coffee; convenient meals and sauces are produced by Chop Pot; Kitchens of Africa; Naija Cooking Sauces; Mrs Muamba’s sauce range and Mama Africas.


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